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    Saunders, Kaplan & UWorld Review

    I started studying for the Nclex the monday after graduating by taking the one week in class Kaplan course. I did not find the in person class to be helpful (mostly because I did not like the teacher) After that I made a study plan for the Saunders book, which I completed front to back. I liked how it was set up, the inforamtion was great and the questions weren't too challengeing. I then started doing Kaplan questions, 1st the Q-trainers, then probably 50 question Q-banks a day along with listening to the online content review. The Kaplan question are much harder than Saunders, in my opinion. I am following along in the Kaplan Context review guide, which I had to purchase separately. Im not crazy about the set up of the book and information, but its clear the Kaplan questions stem right from the content they provide in the book. Due to circumstances out of my control, I didnt receive my ATT until after most of my classmates had taken the NCLEX. I continued doing 50 questions a day and also working. After almost finishing the Q-bank I was on the hunt for another question based study tool. I came across UWORLD. UWORLD has abotu 1400 questions availble and most of them feel like they are select all that apply! I feel UWORLD questions are harder than Kaplan, and in a few places the two contradict each other. I believe it is because UWORLD is newer and using up to date EBP for their rationales. I take NCLEX in less than two weeks and plan to continue UWORLD questions and finish the final Q-trainer in Kaplan. Overall, Saudners is great if you need to work on context. Kaplan is great for getting in the "testing mode" mindset, and UWORLD really challenges you! They provide amazing rationale, with pictures and tables I screenshot and save to my computer. They also have a app! Great for doing a random set of questions anywhere in your day. Ill update my post on my success and how each program is different or similar to the actual NCELX! I hope this helps! Happy studying!!

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