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  1. Emmysue

    The Nurse on the Other Side

    I read the article. I read many of the responses. In 2012 I had a lumbar laminectomy involving 3 vertabrae. Because I live alone I didn't go home until my 5th post op day. I found that my normal vocabulary immediately identified me to everyone as a nurse. There is no anonymity. I am a 3 year program graduate as almost all of us were in the 1950s. I never too a college degree but in our 3 year programs, which involved a 40 hour week and a 50 week year, we put in more hours than are currently put in by our BSN grads. I found that one could tell whether an older nurse was a recent grad or and old school nurse almost as soon as she/he entered the room. Old school came straight to the patient. More recently educated went straight to whatever machine was in use. Seems to me that something is being lost in nursing education these days. Just for the record; I went to work as a nurses aid when I was 15. Went into nursing school at 17 right out of high school. I worked in one area after another and took about 19 years off to stay home with my kids and went back to work when my daughter went to college. I retired in about 1995 and will be 80 in November. And as I look back, I think we are losing some of the heart in nursing as our new grads have less and less patient contact time while in school.
  2. Emmysue

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    This is a pattern I have seen several times since I graduated nursing school in 1958. It reverses when statistics on patient care and mortality begin to prove the value of an experienced skilled nursing staff. This was in a nursing home skilled care facility, not a hospital. A friend was in charge days. I worked nights. She was fired for a trumped up reason: A patient refused to eat and was losing weight. You cannot force someone to eat either physically or legally. When she was fired 8 more of us submitted our resignations! My friend then had to sue for unemployment and won. The only answer seems to be to make THEM hurt. It would take the same cooperation as having a union.

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