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  1. Level2Trauma

    Previous DUI and Nursing school admission

    I will try to answer your question from my own experience. Prior to Nursing School I had TWO DUI's. When I first entered nursing school you had to list felonies. In my state three DUI's in 5 years is a felony...not two. So, I did not list them. However, when I went to write the BON for testing purposes I had to list all charges including misdemeanors (this included the DUI's). However, since I had completed an alcohol and drug abuse program fhree years before taking the boards and had remained sober for those three years (recovering alcoholic) I was able to take the boards, pass, and go to work. I have since obtained my BSn and was also licensed in another state and yes I have to tell each state about my past. I then continued my education and obtained my MSN and currently practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner and yes, I had to tell the BON in this state about my sordid past as well as sending court documents to all three BON I have applied for. I also had to send the state bureau of dangerous drugs and narcotics copies of the same court documents. In addition, I had to send the United States Drug Enforcement Agency the same doucments as well as a letter of explanation of what happened and what has happened since. The bottom line is be HONEST with the Boards, the Bureau of Narcotics, and the Drug Enforcement Agency and you shouldn't have any problems. I currently practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authourity for schedules III through V scheduled drugs. For those who are interested....July the 24th will be my 10 year sobriety date....BY THE GRACE OF GOD.
  2. Level2Trauma

    made it

    hope everyone is fine
  3. Level2Trauma

    Is this patient suicidal?

    Nurse Ratched, Juding form your post....You either lack the "sense" or control or whatever you want to call it, to control your tongue. Don't apologize in one sentence and then repeat the same offensive statement in the next paragraph. Just my opinion.
  4. Level2Trauma

    Is this patient suicidal?

    Nurse Ratched said, " May not have sense enough to know when to quit (or less sense than average!)" Alcoholism, or any addiction for that matter has nothing at all to do with the person's intellectual capacity... If this is the attitude you have toward those who suffer from the disease of addicition...I'm sure your patients are pleased to have you as their nurse. It was just one drink How was I to know it would swallow me whole? The followiing is a list of some alcoholics:(What type of nursing care would you have provided them with?) Sinclair Lewis Edgar Allen Poe Larry Hagman> Al Unser Jr. Don Johnson John Daly Dylan Thomas F. Scott Fitzgerald Jim Thorpe (just to name a few) Just so there is no misinterpretation, I included the following definition of Alcoholism as stated by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: Definition of Alcoholism "Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by continuous or periodic: impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial." "Primary" refers to the nature of alcoholism as a disease entity in addition to and separate from other pathophysiologic states which may be associated with it. "Primary" suggests that alcoholism, as an addiction, is not a symptom of an underlying disease state. "Disease" means an involuntary disability. It represents the sum of the abnormal phenomena displayed by a group of individuals. These phenomena are associated with a specified common set of characteristics by which these individuals differ from the norm, and which places them at a disadvantage. "Often progressive and fatal" means that the disease persists over time and that physical, emotional, and social changes are often cumulative and may progress as drinking continues. Alcoholism causes premature death through overdose, organic complications involving the brain, liver, heart and many other organs, and by contributing to suicide, homicide, motor vehicle crashes, and other traumatic events. "Impaired control" means the inability to limit alcohol use or to consistently limit on any drinking occasion the duration of the episode, the quantity consumed, and/or the behavioral consequences of drinking. "Preoccupation" in association with alcohol use indicates excessive, focused attention given to the drug alcohol, its effects, and/or its use. The relative value thus assigned to alcohol by the individual often leads to a diversion of energies away from important life concerns. "Adverse consequences" are alcohol-related problems or impairments in such areas as: physical health (e.g., alcohol withdrawal syndromes, liver disease, gastritis, anemia, neurological disorders); psychological functioning (e.g., impairments in cognition, changes in mood and behavior); interpersonal functioning (e.g., marital problems and child abuse, impaired social relationships); occupational functioning (e.g., scholastic or job problems); and legal, financial, or spiritual problems. "Denial" is used here not only in the psychoanalytic sense of a single psychological defense mechanism disavowing the significance of events, but more broadly to include a range of psychological maneuvers designed to reduce awareness of the fact that alcohol use is the cause of an individual's problems rather than a solution to those problems. Denial becomes an integral part of the disease and a major obstacle to recovery. Rolly Helmsley And yes, I am a recovering alcoholic with 9 years sobriety and have just completed my MSN, FNP degree. I hope to work with alcoholics and show them that we "DO" recover in spite of biased attitudes.
  5. Level2Trauma

    Fast Food Lawsuit

    I wonder if I could sue the condom company...I bought one, laid it beside the bed during sex...and my wife still got pregnant.
  6. Level2Trauma

    Yet Another One That Misses the Boat

    JT, I nominate you for the "Nursing Advocate of the Year Award ". You are always striving to make our working environment better for the rest of us. As soon as I complete my MSN (this Monday [YAHOO]), I will be joining you on the frontline...too fight for a better working environment for nurses. I thank you and salute you for your undying efforts.
  7. Level2Trauma

    Breech of Confidentiality...

    In society, your innocent until proven guilty. In nursing, your guilty until proven innocent!!!
  8. Level2Trauma

    Southern Nurses Better Off Than The Rest?

  9. Level2Trauma

    Some questions for all the nurses

    Regardless of how many times this topic comes up...the answers will always be biased. Those who have the higher degree believe, and rightly so, that they should be appropriately compensated for their education. Those who don't have a higher degree believe that "we" shouldn't be compensated for our education. I have my BSN. Am I compensated? Only by my own happiness in my accomplishment. I have two weeks left in the MSN FNP program. WIll I be compensated for the higer degree...I certainly hope so. Do I deserve it....Hell YEH.
  10. Level2Trauma

    On-line BSN Program ?

    University of North ALabama. I forget the Homepage URL. However, you can find it with a search engine or you can click on my homepage below and you will find a link to several online programs inclucing UNA.
  11. Level2Trauma

    Student loans

    You can fill out the FAFSA on the web. Just go to the following link. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
  12. Level2Trauma

    Clinical hours for LPN, AAS, and BSN

    She may just be making up excuses for not learning what she should have learned in her clinicals. You see them...those that sidestepped, hid, procrastinated, avoided, etc. etc. ...and by the way, they're in every program... ADN, BSN, MSN...and believe it or not even the LPN.
  13. Level2Trauma

    Online Degree??

    You can also receive an online BSN degree from the University of Alabama. They initiated this program the year after I graduated (shucks). However, we did get to partake in the pilot program by taking one class online. It was absolutely wonderful. You could attend class at your own discretion (2am, 3am etc. etc.). The teacher asked us if we would consider coming back to class after taking the online course...I said, "only if I can sit here in my underwear and drink coffee." I wish I would have had the opportunity to take my entire degree online. It is so much more flexible than...an 8 am class 125 miles away. Just my opinion though. You can access UNA's website (as well as others offering BSN degrees online) from my website by clicking on the link below. Also there are some slide-shows which are downloadable...if you have to perform a presentation...feel free to download and use as you see fit.
  14. Level2Trauma

    Beating my head against the wall

    Be careful......If she wants to go smoke, she will go smoke, whether "A NURSE" is with her or not. Don't know what type of disease she has but it doesn't sound like she should be going off without someone...we are liable while she is in our facility and under our care (just food for thought).
  15. Level2Trauma

    Educated nurses

    This, among many other things, will help to keep our profession in the sub-standard category. Someone please tell me in what other profession does the attainment of a higher degree not come with the attainment of more money. Just curious.
  16. Level2Trauma

    dosage calculation tool

    Yeh we do sleepyeyes: Too many duties...not enough pay!!!