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lasvegasnurs has 3 years experience and specializes in TSICU.

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  1. lasvegasnurs

    FGCU CRNA 2018

    Just as an FYI, I interviewed there a couple years ago. Was one of the more laid back interviews I had. Was no clinical questions. Pretty much a get to know you and why you want to do be a CRNA interview. Ended up going somewhere else but if you aren't from that area you need to make sure you go to Sanibel island. Not being from the area I couldn't believe how nice it was, and am considering planning vacations out there in the future.
  2. lasvegasnurs

    First Bachelor Gpa or 2nd Bachelor Gpa?

    I had a similar situation deciding if CRNA would even be an option for me. I had a 3.6 Biology degree. Went to 1 year med school and was having health problems that made it difficult during first year. Finished 1st year with 2.6 in med school. I then ended up going on medical leave and not returning to med school. Went back and found a accelerated Nursing degree program that let me skip any prereq's and 11 months later had a BS in Nursing 3.9 GPA. The med school thing is something you need to address in interviews or in your application letters. Schools will want to know why you didnt want to practice medicine here. I was very worried that school would see me dropping out of grad school and with poor gpa as a big red flag so I applied to way too many schools..... and then I realized I spent way too much money and time applying to all the schools because every one of them sent me interviews. I got wait listed at my first choice school and into second choice.... and turned down spots and interviews at several others. So long story short... just do well in your nursing degree and you shouldn't have any problem
  3. lasvegasnurs

    CRNA applicant

    program director was looking for very specific things.... dont remember exactly but I didnt 100% meet requirements they wanted.... and they were already 1 of too many schools that I applied to so I just withdrew application vs spending expenses for interview. But she was very honest (back a couple years ago) of what applicant would get in.
  4. lasvegasnurs

    CRNA school question

    Little biased in that I had a degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry before I went into nursing.... but the chemistry understanding required is less than my first chemistry college class. I still think the chemistry is important.... but as for boards a "relatively" superficial understanding is all that is required. As for the statistics you will unfortunately be seeing those forever. Much of the emphasis really is more in the understanding what the statistics mean vs how to calculate the statistics so in that way it may be easier than an undergrad stats class.
  5. lasvegasnurs

    CRNA applicant

    The program director when I applied a couple years ago at ECU was very open to discussing application and specifics that they were looking for including recommendations to making a application stronger.
  6. lasvegasnurs

    Shadowing a CRNA Suggestions

    call one of the anesthesia companies in town and ask
  7. lasvegasnurs

    Private loans?

    yes... but not as a school loan because no one will give you more than what the school says is the cost of attendance which gov't loans should meet that amount. you can take out a consumer loan but that would be under terms like a car loan... like 20k with a $400/month payment plan starting immediately for 5 years or whatever. Back 10 years ago I had a private loan for a grad program but those have gone away.
  8. lasvegasnurs

    High School GPA?

    Not aware of any school that wants high school transcripts. High school grades do not matter after starting college. I think I had under 2.0 in HS but started college knowing that things now mattered and that college grades never go away.
  9. Every school looks looks for many of the same things but then there are also many differences in what they look at. Taking anatomy again may help on say a school that looks at Science GPA AND only takes the top grades it could help but most graduate programs don't use GPA that is used on college transcripts which typically takes the highest grade earned in a class, they take every grade. So if you took anatomy 5 times and got 3 F, 1 C then the fifth time got an A all five grades would be used in calculating GPA. As for meeting specific requirements like "obtain B or better in classes X, Y, Z" You are likely OK. So as long as overall your grades are in range of accepted applicants you should be fine... but a person who gets a 3.0 while taking classes once can't just go and retake all the classes and end up with a 4.0
  10. lasvegasnurs

    How Competitive are CRNA schools actually...

    Dont let us news and report or whatever you saw for rankings fool you. There is little those rankings are based on. Look for a program that fits YOU best when you are ready to apply. The application process can also be very expensive especially if you interview at many places. Also depending on how quick you are getting in the only option is DNP but most the programs have recently changed or in process of changing and the transition has been rocky from what I have heard from other students. To me the most important (recent and historical trends of) attrition, board pass rates, travel for clinical none or little, does the school want random prereq's that I dont already meet, cost of living in area, class size preference. Then once you interview at places the schools will usually have other students that you can talk to as well as talking to faculty and determine if the school will be your best fit. Also you may need to ask yourself if you really have your heart set on say going to U of Pitt (or anywhere) is it worth not getting accepted and waiting another year to hope to get in vs going to another program that you may still excel at.
  11. lasvegasnurs

    I can't do chest compressions (CPR) will I be terminated?

    Lots of good answers already but I doubt the job description specifically says you must be able to perform chest compressions. You can still lift 40lbs I imagine like many nursing jobs will say but certain limitations is expected. I used to work as a Rapid Response/Code Nurse in a large busy hospital and returned to work after having surgery on a broken clavicle. I technically met the stated job requirements but I would not assist in CPR. Now it was very rare that I would help with CPR anyway since I was more involved in the code management but nevertheless I was physically unable to participate with chest compressions for about a month during work. Honestly there were several people that I would swap out of CPR rotations because good CPR isnt easy. Its not a requirement of a nurse to be able to perform amazing CPR. There however should always be a way to give a patient effective CPR at any location. Most floors always had the same couple people that would be involved in CPR every code and I saw no problem with that.
  12. lasvegasnurs

    A couple of questions!

    PICU, NICU, ER, PACU all acceptable at a couple schools but its looked the experience may still be criticized by even the schools that take it. Traditional adult ICU (really any type) is the only safe bet. Also board pass rates are lower for those without traditional adult icu experience. Last I remembered looking MICU actually was best pass rates however really any adult icu would be what you want. Other experiences will count marginally or none.
  13. lasvegasnurs

    How Competitive are CRNA schools actually...

    Good enough GPA, now don't worry about it. Go get a job and and look to progress to an ICU since few are lucky enough to start in the ICU. It's great to have goals but sometimes things change. I graduated from nursing school several years ago planning mostly to be an acute care NP but eventually decided to change it up and do the CRNA route instead after being exposed more to the different positions in the hospital.
  14. lasvegasnurs

    Which hospital is better for admission?

    larger facility, level 1 will all lead to sicker patients and better experiences for admission to school. Work environment will be tougher but just get through it.
  15. lasvegasnurs

    Neuro ICU vs. Transplant ICU for CRNA School

    Neuro is a pretty pigeonholed specialty with very minimal conditions and comorbidites. Sure you get to see lots of cool stuff, but overall exposure to other aspects of medicine are limited compared to many other ICU's.... but for application purposes as long as its adult ICU most programs dont care (as long as you tell them you deal with all the different drugs and invasive monitoring).
  16. lasvegasnurs

    Need Finance Advice

    ER scribe in ideal world but can be hard to get. At my previous hospital almost every scribe was on way to nursing, respiratory, or MD. Great experience and you learn a ton.