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Aliyune specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. Aliyune

    Med/Surg New Grad

    I'm starting a Tele residency here in just over a week, but I have tons of nursing friends in different semesters that have finished their own Med Surg residencies. Honestly I've only ever heard great things. They'll say med-surg can be a bit more chaotic but they love it and love learning so much each day. I'm also in TX [DFW area] so hopefully your experience will be similar. It's not as 'glamorous' sounding as ICU or ER but all my friends really are enjoying their job so far. I saw a lot of posts like you're talking about when I first started searching but I think it's a case of the 'vocal minority' honestly. Just have an open mind and be a sponge. :)
  2. Okay so I'm a new grad in the DFW area as well. Finding a job around here is a bit tricky but there are TONS of residency programs that open up 3 times a year. Make sure to look at all the THR hospitals and the Methodist hospitals. They are great companies and have a bunch of hospitals in the area. JPS has residencies as well as MCA. Starting pay is around $25/hr for a new nurse. I would probably choose to live in between Dallas and Ft. Worth but obviously it might depend on where you get a job. If you want safety, Ft. Worth over Dallas by a mile, but the surrounding suburbs are better in general. Hope this helps~ Oh and since you're graduating in August, the next application period for residencies is in July and you can apply even if you haven't graduated just yet. Make sure to get your applications in then!
  3. I noticed no one responded to this as far as I'm aware. I completed the TCC program in December. There are tons of hospitals you could potentially get in each semester and you get experience related to each semester. So for OB you'll be in postpartum, L&D, Newborn etc. You'll do your Adult on general med-surg floors. Adult II with more critical care rotations. Everyone does their pediatric rotations at Cooks Childrens, but other than that you could go a lot of places.
  4. Aliyune

    I feel incompetent as a student nurse

    I actually laughed out loud reading the title of this post. Not because I think your situation is funny but because it's just so darn relatable. I felt incompetent through almost all of nursing school. It wasn't until half way through the last semester that it finally all started to click. Hang in there! And if you have one of those instructors that tells you not to give a med if you don't know what it is, tell them you didn't get enough time to look them all up before you try and give your meds with them. They'll either appreciate your integrity or berate you, but it's better than saying "I don't know" a bunch of times.
  5. Aliyune

    ADN Vs BSN, accepted into both?

    I just graduated and got my license here in the state of TX and got a job in a residency with a magnet hospital. I have an ADN. I'm signing a contract saying I'll get my BSN within 2 years. The job market here is VERY competitive because there's a lot of nursing schools in the area and big magnet hospitals, but I still got a residency. This is obviously anecdotal, but if it's far more convenient to get the ADN and then do a RN-BSN program do it that way! Seems like that's what you'd prefer. BSN is practically required but you can get it in less than a year after getting your ADN.
  6. Aliyune

    What would be my primary nursing diagnosis?

    Beekee is right, doesn't matter at all what the medical diagnosis is. You have all the info you need in the assessment data to make a plan. 'Priority' is a BIG key word in nursing school. Visions of your Maslow's Hierarchy and, here's the big on here, your ABCs! Start there.
  7. Aliyune

    help with chemistry

    Khan Academy has a huge Chemistry sections. Find videos with titles that are similar to what you're learning in class and watch those to start.
  8. Aliyune

    Who's starting Spring 2016?

    I'm starting in Spring as well! I bought a Plum Paper planner. Very similar to Erin Condren, it's sooo cute. But a tad bit cheaper and had the layout I wanted. I'm also reading my ENORMOUS textbook whenever I can. It's very intimidating but I'm excited while I read it. Mostly, I'm clinging on to the excitement as long as possible before the panic sets in. [i'm assuming orientation will be the beginning of that, our's is December 4th and 5th]. I've done almost all the program requirements except CPR, which I get on November 20th. Spending a lot of time watching youtubers who are going through nursing school as well like Rachel P. I already have my uniform which is teal scrubs and a white lab coat.
  9. Aliyune

    Did that really just happen?

    Congrats!! The same thing happened to me actually, they told me we'd find out Sept. 30 and we wound up hearing back Sept. 18th. I was eating lunch with my friend at the time and suddenly facebook was going nuts with "I got in!" haha. I was like...wat....but then when I checked my email there, it was, a congratulations. I'll be starting in January too
  10. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Our cohort just might not be nearly as interested as being involved, which is a little depressing. Haha. I guess we'll see when spring rolls around ~
  11. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Talked to someone in the program. Street clothes to class. She said to expect our schedules mid-October. She also said drug screen is a week before class and the background test is to be done over winter break.
  12. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    I just know I was told to avoid the hybrid classes. On top of that, I LOVE being in class. I love school. Right now I sort of feel like I'll be in school forever which is aggravating XD But still, I love it. I'm good at it. Motivating myself to get things done online has proven to be harder in the past for me, so I'm just going to save myself the hassle
  13. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Jenny: Why can't you retake? Have you already taken them twice? You're allowed two attempts.
  14. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Blindsayyyy there's already a FB group! Look up TCC Nursing Spring 2016 and it'll show up :)
  15. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    I'm IN!!!
  16. Aliyune

    TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    13 days at the most. That's really not that bad. We'll survive! I'm hoping it's them exaggerating a bit and really we find out in the 20s. But hopefully I won't get weirdly nervous again until the 30th haha. Just gonna keep throwing myself into school and organization until then XD

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