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  1. dvd123

    Complaint against me to BVNPT

    I work as an LVN at a flu clinic in California. A 64 year old patient came in and immediately requested the Fluzone vaccine. After verification it is concluded that she is 64 and will be 65 next month. I advised per CDC guidelines, Fluzone is intended for 65 years old and older. She stated her doctor said she could receive it. She also said manager “Chris” said she could receive it. Manager was not present that day. Consulted MD on duty and he also stated must follow CDC guidelines for age requirement regardless of request. Patient became angry, took a picture of me . Advised photography is not allowed due to HIPAA violation in the clinic as well as I not consenting to be photographed. I offered patient other standard vaccines available. Patient stated she was not comfortable with those vaccines and walked away. She has now filed a complaint against me to BVNPT that I refused service and I was rude and abrasive. My manager wrote a supporting statement as well as the MD on duty. I’m wondering if I should handle this myself or other $1700 for legal representations. I must submit a statement of my own. Legal consult adviced not to write any statement as it is deemed admissible. Thoughts ???
  2. dvd123

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Fall 2015

    when did you receive your interview invite? was it via email or letter by mail? How well did you do on the math exam? thanks for the info
  3. dvd123

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Fall 2015

    Hi. I have yet to receive an interview invite as well. Finished the math exam with 2 mistakes, not 100%. Im feeling very anxious myself.