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    nam6e, BSN, RN got a reaction from Brittany B in non competitive program   
    I agree maybe you should do lpn to Rn to BSN if you think you will not be competitive. I got in with a 3.0 and went to ou so it is possible to get in without  stellar grades. You got this! Best of luck!
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    nam6e, BSN, RN got a reaction from GlitterPrincess in Only using Uworld to study?   
    i used world for one of my attempts thought it was close to what i saw on the NCLEX style, but the bad thing was i only learned the material they went over in the the questions. I did not learn anything new unless it was covered in the questions. My critical thinking skills were definitely a hit or miss depending on the question. I thought I was ready, but i went through 265 questions and failed by one category. It was not until i used Hurst that I felt that i was critical thinking. I was learning the bare minimum, but it was enough to get me through the question. It by no means taught me everything, but it got me to my comfort zone. Still felt that i failed when it was over. However, after 200+ questions i found out after a few days i passed.