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  1. We routinely use vaseline for a variety of reasons, but now one of my colleagues is being questioned for putting vaseline on a child without the parent's permission. She expected a phone call or note that vaseline was applied. Another parent chimed in that lotion shouldn't be used either, without parental permission, and we are talking about basic lotion, no bath and body works stuff. We do not apply aloe, calamine lotion, sunscreen, or neosporin without MD authorization - we don't even keep that stuff in our office. But now lotion and vaseline are an issue??? Do any of you actually have parental permission slips for lotion and/or vaseline???
  2. nyy2

    Health Office Anywhere Problems

    Thank you for the input...it seems so slow compared to the old program that wasn't web based. But I guess it isn't just our system!
  3. For those of you that use Health Office Anywhere... Is it normal for there to be such a lag time? We just switched to this from the "old" Health Master that wasn't web based. It seems when you open anything, whether it be an office visit or a vision screening, the little circle goes around and around before loading, then after choosing a template it does it again. Seems like such wasted time! I spoke to HOA support and they said there is no lag on their end..so it must be our server. BUT every other website works just fine. Anyone else have this experience with HOA?
  4. nyy2

    Do you wear scrubs?

    I always stick to scrubs, but I am expecting in February, so this year I have been wearing "street clothes". I didn't want to shell out a ton of money in maternity scrubs AND maternity clothes. I am down to one scrub top I can still wear. The other nurses in my district stick to scrubs, except for a few that wear street clothes and a white lab coat. Scrubs are so much easier, and usually more comfortable - plus it makes you more identifiable as the nurse.
  5. nyy2

    Why? Why? Why?

    Yes...all so annoying. I get a lot of earring issues also. This morning a teacher sent a girl down because her earring fell out and she wanted it to be put back in. No blood, drainage, redness, or any sort of problem - just to literally put an earring in. It doesn't make sense to me for this girl to miss class time to walk down here and back, just to do something you, or anyone, could have done in 5 seconds. My favorite is when there is a hole in clothing... I am a nurse, not a seamstress! I guess the previous nurse would sew things frequently. Sorry, I can't sew! It's funny how we end up being the catch all for everything...
  6. nyy2

    We've all been venting

    WOW! I can't believe what I am reading! That is absolutely ridiculous - so incredibly rude and unprofessional! As you said, I would definitely not meet alone with him again. If you have a supportive supervisor, I would have a talk with them. If that treatment by the principal continued, I would be gone!!!
  7. nyy2

    School nurse sallary when you have a family?

    I completely agree! If you have another job that makes more money, you may have more disposable income, but if you aren't happy, it isn't worth it. I'm expecting #2 in February. My husband and I are pretty tight money wise, which is why I waited until my first was in kindergarten before having another. I'm getting a little nervous about the $900/month daycare payment, but I know one way or another we will figure things out. There is always something to cut back on. I think things always work out one way or another. And as others said, a per diem job is also a possibility if things are too tight financially. And Congrats!!!!!
  8. nyy2

    Reference materials?

    I am not sure what state you are in, but we have the New York State Center for School Health Website. It has a "school nurse tool kit" with sample letters and notifications, along with a ton of info in general. New York Statewide School Health Services Center
  9. nyy2

    Staying home day after fever?

    I also hate that it is worded fever free for 24 hours...the parents can say well they didn't have a fever at 12:00pm when I got them home, so they can technically come back at 12:00pm the next day. When class starts at 9:30am, am I really supposed to say pick them up for 2 hours? Who knows when they were even truly "fever free". And in this case I know that nobody will pick up so I'd be stuck with him in my office, which I've had to do for a few hours before. I've also had nurse parents argue with me that if they were there all morning, they were already spreading the germs, so what's the difference if they come back the next morning (if they are feeling well and fever-free). I guess I'm just tired of dealing with the garbage! Why can't people just follow the rules...
  10. nyy2

    Staying home day after fever?

    Just wondering what you all do with the kids who come in the day after having a fever? They are supposed to be staying home for 24 hours after the fever, but of course that rule is not frequently followed by parents. I had a kiddo go home with a 101 fever at lunch time yesterday - and teacher is freaking out because he is here today. His temp this AM was 98.0 - I told her he is fever free and feels totally fine, so I can't force him to go home. It was already like pulling teeth yesterday to get someone to pick him up yesterday!
  11. nyy2

    Feeling burnt out

    I thought it was just me feeling this way! I am so over this job right now! Especially the day after Halloween - I've had so many upset bellies. Well if you eat a pound of candy, duh you won't feel good! Today all the upset bellies are getting a temp check and going back to class - unless they look sick. I have felt burnt out this year and it's only my 3rd full year! So tired of the high maintenance teachers, crazy parents, and whiny kids with nothing wrong. I try to remember it may be due to their home life - but some of them are just plain babies! I told the secretaries I want to get a big poster that says SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! One can only wish.... I keep trying to think of the perks to the job to avoid pulling my hair out! Hang in there everyone!
  12. nyy2

    I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    As others have said, it may depend on where you are working. If you are in a small unit/hospital, it may be an issue. I personally would prefer an OB nurse to be female, BUT if the male nurse had a good personality and was able to put me at ease, then it would be totally fine. I chose an OBGYN practice with only female physicians because I feel they can relate to female issues - not saying a male can't be an amazing OBGYN, but I prefer female providers for this dept. It's not impossible, but there are just more barriers due to your gender. That being said, if you feel this is where your heart really is, then go for it!
  13. nyy2

    What does your school do for Halloween?

    We have a half day at the elementary schools. So it's basically the Halloween Parade and classroom parties.
  14. nyy2

    Tell us about your school

    I'm in a public k-5 school. I'm one of 3 elementary schools with around 500 kids. Similar to BeckyESRN, most of the teachers are from the area. I, along with a handful of teachers here graduated from this district. I see a lot of kids of people I went to school with, which is fun sometimes.
  15. nyy2

    Accidents/Change of clothes

    Great advice! I like the idea of sending a note out in the beginning to say if you don't send in clothes, you will be called. Maybe then they will be more likely to actually send them in!
  16. nyy2

    Accidents/Change of clothes

    I don't routinely do it, but if it's a real mess I will if they ask for assistance. This is my 3rd year, so I haven't had to do it more than a handful of times. I'm in a pretty small district and we have little continuity with protocols/procedures - the one nurse says well you can't leave them in poo if the parent doesn't answer - while the other says heck no I'm not touching that.