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  1. taz08

    LPN TO RN BRIDGE (North Jersey Area)

    Hey, I'm actually in the LPN program at Jersey College Teterboro campus. Its a good school. I know the reviews online aren't great. There are some downfalls to the school because its not like your typical "college." But the teachers I have come across so far and even our chairperson are great. They are really there for you. I've heard about the LPN-RN program at Jersey College from students. Some say its very hard. But I've also heard its easy. I heard that this semester of my LPN program was going to be hard and my final was going to be difficult. But it was actually easy. It depends on the person and how much effort you want to put in. Teterboro has the highest scores out of all of the other campuses. And the professors are really there for you. They want to see you succeed and they love seeing a student asking questions, pulling all kinds of resources to learn. I say come for a tour to our campus and ask to talk to some of the LPN to RN students or even us LPN's. I think that's the best way for you to get an actual feel for it. The program is expensive though. But if you have financial aid, you will be golden. They do not offer scholarships, but they will take any scholarships you apply for outside. Financial aid really works with you for payment plans.
  2. Hey guys, Did anyone order their books yet?! I just looked them all up on amazon and its so expensive. Let me know if you find anything cheaper!
  3. Yay. I got it. Thanks guys. Didn't know that we would be getting an email. Anyone know when clinicals will be for day students? I'm trying to figure out my hours for my job.
  4. I got in as well! I'm in the day program.
  5. No you do not have to take it again. Once is enough.
  6. I am getting soooo anxious!
  7. It might show up tomorrow. I read previous threads and their profiles changed the day after registration opened up. I'm only assuming, though. Fingers crossed!
  8. Who applied for the day program here?
  9. Hey guys! So I read a few threads on here saying that if you go to program eval in your portal and select nursing/day, it might have the anticipated graduation date on there, If its filled that means you are accepted. Mine is already up there....but it seems like its too early considering I haven't taken the TEAS yet. Anyone else have this?
  10. taz08

    Applying to Bunker Hill Community College

    I just submitted everything yesterday for the Spring 2016 semester. I should be getting an email later this month for the TEAS. Anyone got that yet?
  11. taz08

    Applying to Bunker Hill Community College

    Hi! I'm applying for January 2016. Have you been to the nursing information session yet? If not, you should really consider going. It is mandatory for admissions into the nursing program. I am not sure whether they have any more going on since the semester has ended. But you should check the website to see if they have posted any upcoming dates. You can get your questions answered there as well! To answer your first question, you can put two options in the application. It will increase your chances. I am doing both as well. You should be able to apply to schools with the same TEAS scores. I don't see why not. Just make sure you check what the other school's TEAS scores averages are. You are also responsible for sending your scores to those schools.
  12. Thank you! Yes, its such a headache trying to figure all of this out. But that was very helpful. Did you have someone advise you all the way through the application process? Any other advice on it?
  13. Anyone here applying for the Bunker Hill Nursing program for January 2016? Have you taken your TEAS yet? If not, where are you planning to take them? The department chair told me that the next time they are offering them at Bunker Hill is in October and the application cycle for January 2016 ends in September. Is that too late to take the TEAS? I'm debating on taking it at another school so I get it out of the way and BHCC has my scores on time. How does Bunker Hill get the scores if we take it at another school? Anyone know the process?