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  1. Brendan D.

    First Thing Tomorrow Ready or Not here I come:NCLEX

    I take mine tomorrow as well. 2pm for me. Good luck! It's almost over!
  2. Brendan D.

    Moving as a nurse

    By obtaining the license through endorsement you do not have to retake the NCLEX in that state, correct?
  3. Brendan D.

    Moving as a nurse

    Hello all! I am currently in my last couple weeks of nursing school. I graduate May 8th and I've accepted my first job as an RN and I start June 8th on a busy Med/Surg floor. I'm very excited because I've been working on the same floor as a tech for a year now. I've grown to know the staff, computer systems, and improved my direct care skills. After two years of gaining experience and earning my BSN, my partner and I plan on moving to a new state and starting our lives. We are both young and have jobs that facilitate our lifestyle. I'm writing this thread because I am wanting to know how it was transfering your license and starting a new nursing job in another state. How different were the patient loads, policies, hospital environments, etc.? We are looking at New York or Maryland.
  4. Brendan D.


    Age is just a number! Do what you love. That experience will do wonders for you in the nursing field. I've worked with a lot of nurses who were once paramedics and they went into their first job stronger then any new grad. Have fun!
  5. Brendan D.

    Help! What to wear for CNA State test?!?!

    If the testing site says to wear a tank top, sleeveless shirt or loose fitting shirt with short sleeves then that's probably what you should wear. And also wear shoes with non-skid soles. The rules are right there. Can't get written off if you do what they say to do...especially if it's in writing. I wore a t-shirt, scrub bottoms, and some tennis shoes when I took my CNA test.
  6. Issue 1 In my first semester of nursing school I wasted SO MUCH time rewriting stuff, making note cards, and making pretty notes. The best thing you can do is read your material. It takes 3 times to really learn something. Read your material before class. Go to class (reading beforehand will help you really focus during lecture). Then go home and review the material and go over the corresponding chapters in your Saunders NCLEX book and answer the questions! Some people are able to review PowerPoints...I simply cannot. But I do know some teachers will put whatever is on the test into the PowerPoint somewhere. I wasn't that lucky and typically they were a waste of time! The harsh truth about nursing school is that you aren't taking prerequisites anymore. It is sooo much harder. Those A's don't come easily and sometimes those C's are going to be what you are praying for :) Issue 2 Clinicals will ALWAYS get in the way of your studying. I'm in my last semester of nursing school and I am currently doing two 12 hours shifts of clinical a week, two lecture days, and I work. As you get through the program you will learn how to get all your stuff done. Those care plans took me hours to finish in the beginning...and by the end I was whipping them up quick. Try and do your care plans as soon as you come home from clinical to get them out of the way. Sometimes if I had downtime at clinical I would start writing out some of my paperwork so I could spend less time on it later. But that always depends on the clinical instructor you have. Good luck and take it one day at a time :)
  7. Brendan D.

    Students who get As are bad bedside nurses

    Don't let people get you down because they are bitter about their own grades. I make great grades in school and I have a great bedside manner. As for experience, I do recommend you try and find a tech job! Working as a CNA has been amazing for me and I have learned a lot outside of school. And I just accepted my first position as an RN the other day..4 weeks before I graduate! Keep up the grades, learn from your clinical, and get some experience outside of the program so you can learn even more. Good luck :)