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Define yourself, because its you who has to look in the mirror. -me

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  1. It is well under control. I have not had a psychotic episode in years. Not since before I was diagnosed. I had no idea depression could cause this until it happened to me. It was undoubtedly the worst thing that ever happened to me. I would like to ...
  2. honeyforasalteyfish

    Getting into Nursing school with a misdemeanor

    My apologies I hope I have not hijacked the ops thread with an erroneous question. As it is once upon a time I committed certain non violent misdemeanors as a teenager for which I was fortunate never to be arrested for before I stopped that behavior....
  3. honeyforasalteyfish

    Hospital & The Drug Screen: I thought they had to wait?

    The vast majority of illness associated in this category the medication only treats the symptoms not the cause. It's why the medication requires regular use. Anti-depressants function the same way.
  4. honeyforasalteyfish

    No more rudeness!

    If you want to change the perceived nursing culture you are going to have to change world wide culture in general. Most people try to be nice and polite as often as they can. They remain people sometimes especially in a high stress job they might let...
  5. honeyforasalteyfish

    Getting into Nursing school with a misdemeanor

    I don't know I was under the impression breaking the law, which speeding is, was classified into two overarching categories. Misdemeanors, and felonies. With subcategories in both offenses.
  6. honeyforasalteyfish

    Gpa to get into nursing school

    It really depends on the school. Some won't even consider with you without a 3.5. Others you could be have a relatively decent shot at admittance with a lowish 3. Every school takes different factors into account as well. For some the hard science gp...
  7. honeyforasalteyfish

    Getting into Nursing school with a misdemeanor

    Wait I have a couple speeding tickets I never thought they would be issues. I get there are levels to misdemeanors, but I didn't think minor crimes like speeding tickets, or parking tickets were an issue if paid.
  8. Yes I did, and I have learned almost as much tutoring the subject. It reinforces what I learned in the class.
  9. honeyforasalteyfish

    2/20: what I learned this week: people do not understand TB

    Sorry Ixchiel. When I was hospitalized for my lung abscess initialy they thought it was TB. I am ironically grateful it wasn't, even though having an abscess sucked. This week I learned self disclosure about your problems is pointless. I wanted peopl...
  10. honeyforasalteyfish

    Tips on Getting Through Pre-Nursing from a Fellow Pre-Nursing Student

    That is what my CC is doing quite frustrating really. I intend to start work as a CNA this summer, but I am loathe to give up my tutoring job, and I can't exactly work two jobs and get the kind of marks I need to actually be competitive. Still I don'...
  11. honeyforasalteyfish

    How to get into nurse school with several "w" and 2 "F"

    Show improvement. That is really all you can do. My transcripts are hardly spectacular, but my recent work is quite good. Granted my recent work is after years of being out of college, but I have been getting some positive feedback despite my questio...
  12. I am a math tutor, love my job. If you have any questions regarding math please post them here I will do my best to help you in good time. I am posting this because I know many excellent students have struggled with math in particular statistics. So ...
  13. Glad you overcame, and fair enough.
  14. Yes I have known a surprising amount of people who suffer from illnesses of this nature. Its a huge reason I want to work in the medical field to help alleviate the mental stress of illness. I felt like it was a huge contributing factor in my struggl...
  15. Thank you so much. Despite being on paper easier to treat then my physical illness crohn's it did far more damage to my life than crohn's did. I look back at all the time I wasted not overcoming, the feelings of hopelessness, the continued anxiety, ...