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  1. lolotambu

    GWU ABSN/VBSN Spring 2019 Cohort

    Hello all, I received the admission email about 10 days ago. Still uncertain about accepting and would like to learn more about the scheduling. I know it will be a full-time commitment but would like to know more details regarding the class / clinicals schedule. Anyone is aware of these? I'm excited and wishing you all the best.
  2. lolotambu

    Safety Nurse in Haiti: A Medical Mission Trip Origin Story Pt. 2

    There's so many organizations. You just need to do a quick google search and find the one that fits you the best.
  3. Ladies, you have been incredibly generous with your perspectives and tidbits of knowledge here. Thank you! The most important insight I gained is that of considering location. While is true that LPN route can eventually work out in some states, where I will be located in Washington DC; there's a move to hire BSN's and an abundance of nurses too. So I have decided to probably go on the ABSN or even consider a traditional BSN due to money considerations. I work remotely teaching so I would be able to at least have a (tiny) part-time salary during the lenght of the program. I'm sorry if my initial post was poorly worded. I made a mistake posting BSN, instead that I have degrees in other than nursing In any event, I so appreciative to hear your voices in regards to my question. Thank you all!
  4. lolotambu

    Safety Nurse in Haiti: A Medical Mission Trip Origin Story Pt. 2

    I'm very happy and grateful that you posted this article. I already reached out to the organization. One of the reasons why I decided to change careers and pursue nursing is because I wish to deliver more impact than in my current profession. One such way is through medical missions. Thanks again and I'm sending many blessings your way!
  5. Hello ladies, I was hoping to hear from those of you who went on to become LPN's instead of choosing the second degree BSN. I have a graduate degree in a non-science field and started my pre-reqs with the hopes of entering an ABSN, but I have student loans already from my previous degree and would like to earn money while pursuing my RN. Eventually I would like to get an advanced degree in nursing which means that I will have to take on additional loans. That's why working and earning some money while pursuing the RN appeals to me. The question for you is: Would you bite the bullet and pay the $50K for the ABSN now or pay the $12K for the LPN and work your way up to RN? If I were to complete the LPN bridge to RN/BSN online, is that typically accepted by hospitals or do they look down on it? How can I make myself more marketable as an LPN to work in clinical or hospital settings, no LTC's? Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!
  6. lolotambu

    Job search tips for new grad NPs

    I'm also a career changer evaluating if I should go and get my MSN directly to NP or if I should just do the ABSN and get experience as an RN before pursuing the graduate degree (would be my second). I know I want to be an NP but I'm uncertain about job prospects if I graduate without RN experience. Thank you for putting yourself out here and bringing to light your optimistic results. It must be very exciting. Can I ask you the school you attended and if you considered other schools with the same MSN program? Thanks again!
  7. lolotambu

    George Washington University ABSN Summer/Fall 2018

    Hello! I attended their information session a few weeks ago and although I would love to apply for the coming fall I don't think I can complete the prerequisites on time. Ill certainly apply for Spring 2019. Can you share your stats? I have a general gpa of 3.0 but prerequisite gpa of 3.8 so far. Feeling concerned that the general gpa will not make the cut. What made you choose this program? Best of luck to both!
  8. lolotambu

    Schools with not a lot of prereqs for ABSN

    Hi Shibaowner, I personally like your articles and admire your journey into nursing. However, I think that the initial remark you made here was rude. I agree with you that there needs to be a strong cognitive foundation for any student before entering any nursing program, but the person initiating the thread was merely asking for schoool with a lower demand for pre-reqs. That does not imply that she is lazy or that she wants a program that cheap and easy... In fact, JH does not require many prereqs - certainly not more than many schools in NY. Neither does Georgetown or GW. I rather think that these universities have found efficiencies in the way in which they deliver their classes or that based on experience, students have been successful through the course of the program without a large amount of prereqs. I replied to your comment I was surprised to see such as strong pushback for an inquiry like this? Yes, it's expected that someone will offend you while you are a nurse - everyone knows that. But before anyone asks you to develop a thick skin, we should instead ask ourselves if being impolite or rude is not acceptable in other professions, why is it acceptable in nursing? I'll keep reading your articles regardless, this is just food for thought.
  9. lolotambu

    George Washington University ABSN Spring 2018

    Hello all, Congrats to all that have been accepted! I'm applying to the ABSN program in the next cycle and I have specific questions about the admissions process. My science GPA is excellent but my general GPA is not. I did not do well in my undergrad 15 years ago. However, I have done well in my science courses - all A's. And have a graduate degree - non science, 3.99 GPA as well. How much weight do they place on general GPA? Also, is there any bias towards Portage or online prerequisites vs taking the prereqs' on-campus? Thanks!
  10. Hi @Mindylane, I'm applying to ABSN in the next cycle and I have specific questions about the admissions process. My science GPA is excellent but my general GPA is not. I did not do well in my undergrad 15 years ago. However, I have done well in my science courses - all A's. And have a graduate degree - non science, 3.99GPA as well. How much weight do they place on general GPA? Thanks!
  11. lolotambu

    Most relevant specialties for nursing abroad

    That makes so much sense. Thanks for your insight. I have followed up with this comment and you are correct in that OR nurses are very sought after for this kind of work. I wish eventually we can reach a point in the mear future, when other critical care nurses can be as useful during these events and that the technology allows for individuals in distress areas to have increased odds of survival. Thanks again!
  12. Hi! I'm eager to complete my pre-requisites to start nursing school. I'd love to eventually complete some relief missions abroad and once I have accrued experience move on to become a nurse practicioner. That being said, I was hoping to hear from some of you who have volunteered abroad and can bring some insight as to what are the most sought after nursing specialties when working abroad or during relief missions. I would assume that Emergency is clearly one, but what about Neonatal or ICU? Do you have any websites to recommend? Thank you!
  13. lolotambu

    Get my BSN or Direct-Entry MSN?

    How was your experience? I'm facing the same issue now. The option I'm looking at now is either ABSN or MSN - however the man dies not give you NP. I'd like to eventually teach so I was debating if I should do the ABSN and move directly to a DNP after gaining the experience. Are you happy with your desicion after becoming a nurse? Thanks.
  14. lolotambu

    New Grad Job Market PMHNP

    Hi, this is an intriguing scenario to me because I'm also in a very similar predicament. I actually teach at college level and always wanted to be a professor. But due to a cap in salary for my degree and changing family dynamics, I find myself gravitating to pursue a different path. Similarly, I cant afford to make the wrong career choice. Still, as understanding as I can be of your situation, I agree that the best and safest route would be to first dedicate some years to gather your experience as an RN and subsequently follow the graduate degree. You still have time within 7 years to do take this approach and be sure that the PHMNP route is where you will thrive.