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  1. e-nurse

    Ethical Dilemma

    Get the social worker involved.
  2. e-nurse

    Respect of co-workers

    I remember being in a similar situation not too long ago, and I learned alot from the CNA's in terms of what not to do after I become an RN. Training to be a CNA you're going to pick up from them what kinds of things RN's do that tick them off. Listen to what these CNA's are saying, and when you become an RN try not to do those things that tick them off and you'll make a smoother transition.
  3. e-nurse

    Getting Dumped on

    I've been in similar situations and @ first I would make a stink about it. It took me a while but I realized that if I made a stink then these sicko's dumping on me would just do it more, and it made me miserable thinking that I was being dumped on. Then I decided to look @ it in terms of- they're giving me these high acuity assignments b/c they know I can handle it. It may not have been true, but it made me feel better, they weren't getting their rocks off seeing what I would complain about next, and eventually I noticed my acuities getting easier.
  4. e-nurse

    6month Internship

    I'll let you know in 5 months. I just passed the test after my month of didactic today. I am also in Maine. Just moved here for the job. Where are you applying? I think 6 months should be pretty adequate considering that there's orintations out there that are only 6-10 weeks which would just be plain dangerous. Good luck, and wish me luck.
  5. e-nurse

    Christmas Schedule

    I had Thanksgiving off and will have X-mas eve and X-mas off this year. Last year I had to work all three of those. I've been trying to move out of CT for over a year and will be starting a new job in Maine in February, so having the holidays off makes it almost worth it to have had to stay here for another year.
  6. e-nurse

    Accepted position! Moving!

    Psychnurse, it's Mr. Yankee. Monterey huh, what a beautiful area. I only drove through on my way up the PCH to San Fran, but God is it beautiful there.
  7. e-nurse

    Accepted position! Moving!

    I finally got my ticket out of this God-forsaken state! I grew up and went to school in RI, moved here 2 years ago after graduation to get experience @ a large hospital, and have been trying to get out of here ever since. Earlier in the year I was accepted in the Air Force Nurse Corp but decided this would be too confining a lifestyle. Now I will be moving to Portland Maine and working in the OR (new to me, a little nervous). They have a 6 month internship program so I should be well oriented into it. I will be working 1 w/e out of 6, earning nearly what I earn now, saving $40/ month on parking, saving $3000/year on car insurance, living in what has been rated as one of the 10 top medium sized cities in the country which is w/in 2 hours of both the White Mountain National Park, Acadia National park (I love hiking and camping and outdoor stuff), and Boston, and 2.5 hours from my family in RI. I am outta here! There's a verbal stipulation to stay @ the new job 2 years after the internship, but as I told them in the interview, if I can live in New Haven ( or as I affectionately like to call it "the armpit of the east coast" ) for 2 years I could live anywhere for 2 years. Wish me luck. I could use any advice that any OR nurses out there might have.
  8. e-nurse

    Why do potential employers do this?

    Love the thank you note! I think it got me hired too.
  9. e-nurse

    Dad needs 5 vessel CABG

    I've been doing cardio-thoracic step-down for 2 years and I agree w/ everything Mollymo says except the 50/50 chance. His chances of geting through the surgery and doing well are probably in the 90%'s. Everything about the incentive spirometer, pain meds, walking, atrial fibrilation, and depression are all accurate. The only thing I would add is that you shouldn't waste too much energy looking after him while he's in the hospital, he'll need you or someone more once he goes home and doesn't have nurses looking after him 24/7. Make sure he has someone @ home to look after him24/7 the first week or two after discharge, making sure he's continuing w/ his IS and walking to keep his lungs healthy and get his strength back. Best of luck to you and your dad.
  10. e-nurse

    I'm Waiting

    Re: the thank you letter, it's best to write it and send it immediately following the interview.
  11. e-nurse

    I'm Waiting

    Did you send a thank you letter? I like to do this to further show them that I am interested in the position and closing by telling them I will be in touch w/in the week and again telling them how I can be reached.
  12. e-nurse

    How to please a woman and a man

    Yeah, that's about the long and the short of it.
  13. e-nurse

    Re: Movies with Nurses

    "Meet the Parents" w/ Ben Stilller playing the nurse opposite Bob Deniro as the father of the girlfriend is both good and bad. It's good in my opinion b/c millions of people saw this movie in which the lead male role played a nurse. It's bad b/c it does not portray this nurse in a good light @ all (all the stereotypical "male" nurse type stuff) I really liked Phillip Seymor Hoffman as the private home nurse to Jason Robards dying of CA in "Magnolia". I like him as an actor and again millions of people see a man playing a nurse. I guess I can be your reference for males as nurses in the movies.
  14. e-nurse

    Where do you work?

    Hi. Welcome to home away from home. http://www.ynhh.org
  15. e-nurse

    Dealing with Volunteers

    I work on Cardiac surgery, and we have 2 guys who have had CABG who come around and pitch the benefits of cardiac rehab to our pts. They're real nice guys, and I think it's great for pts. to be able to talk to veterans of heart surgery.
  16. e-nurse

    Co-Workers, how friendly are ya'll

    Misti. What's this panty flashing thing? I'm intrigued. Perhaps I can introduce this concept to the ladies on my unit.