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Married x 12 yrs, have 11yr old kiddo(son)

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  1. sharann

    Starting new job in hospice

    I am considering hospice nursing as well. I have been nursing 8 years and need a change and hospice keeps coming to my mind. My dad had hospice in his last 6 weeks and it was such a wonderful experience(As much as his death could be obviously). I know he was pain free and died with dignity at home with my mom because of hospice. What kind of training should we expect? Should we have a certain # of "ride alongs"? Thanks
  2. sharann

    Convince me I won't get MRSA? Pre-nursing school student!

    You can get hit by a bus crossing the street but I bet you will still do it. You can get MRSA outside of the hospital as well. At least you have access to gloves and such in the hospital vs at school or at any job or in a movie theater. Wash your hand alot, keep them out of your face and just be careful rather than fearful. Good luck in school, don't let people scare you with media induced hysteria!
  3. Well, former is the key word here thankfully.
  4. sharann

    What should I bring to Thailand?

    Antibiotics, antinausea, antidiarrheals, advil(for you too!). Get all your shots. Bless you and good luck on your quest
  5. sharann

    Give me cyanide!

  6. sharann

    Nurses spelling troubles

    You should see my notes to my kid. "Hi hon, mom out @ SM(supermarket) b/at 1400.Love2U.
  7. sharann

    Well, an update

    Oh I surely will. I told them this earlier too and they said "oh we have had complaints like yours many times" I guess thats my answer!
  8. sharann

    Well, an update

    Hi, Well, I don't know if you recall I had quite a lively thread going about nurses where I started working a few months ago speaking in a language other than English, constantly on the unit. Well after consideration I have decided that I had 2 options. 1.) Ignore the insulting behavior 2.) Leave the facility I chose #2. I am not able to tolerate it anymore. I think these nurses know who they are and others who do this as well should really think hard about how hurtful your talk is to others around you, your co-nurses, your patients. It is sad. This is a shame because aside from this these are terrific skilled nurses. What a waste. Fortunately I have a position to go back to where this is not occuring and wouldn't be tolerated for a sec. Thanks to all for the food for thought. I have been so depressed and angry and tearful for 2 weeks now. I will be resigning soon. Take care everyone and be good to eachother. We are all we have, to work united as nurses in alliance. Thanks
  9. sharann

    Does this concern anyone else?

    The DON must be on drugs! Keep wearing gloves and for heaven sakes do not shake the DON's hand, who know where she is putting them! Crazy, crazy nuts.
  10. sharann

    Am being treated poorly

    They DO know English. Really they do, and speak it fluently and beautifully. Oh well. It is not against the law but it is against hospital policy, it is written down apparently according to management.
  11. I have no idea what you mean either. Can you elaborate? Thanks
  12. sharann

    Am being treated poorly

    So Sorry to dissapoint you, but this is poor treatment, especially when they have been hounding me to go to full-time status. I don't give a hoot is they have been there longer. What makes you think she will outlast me, I was in my last posistion for 9 years, permanent staff, not per diem, RNPerdiem. Thank you very much for your opinion,next time I will make sure they are trying to poison me instead so I will be justified in complaining.
  13. sharann

    Just met "Ms. Know It All LPN"

    There are know it all's in all areas. You can usually find them quickly as you know!
  14. sharann

    Am being treated poorly

    I didn't say the language was Tagalog. I don't care what language it is btw. We have nurses who speak English, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Tagalog, Korean..... I believe that they should be more conscious of how they are acting. They NEVER do this in front of managers or the admins. Why is horizontal bad behavior ok? She speaks excellent English also, better than many who were born here. Thanks for the different perspectives. I will not let it rule me, nor will I move jobs(it exists in many places here). I especially will not learn that language, they know English! I DO think it would be funny as you said lpn if I DID know that language(but alas, I don't have 2 years to waste learning a language that is not supposed to be spoken in the workplace)
  15. sharann

    iv calculation problem!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly! You will have many things thrown at you but not like this piddly stuff. Good luck!
  16. sharann

    Am being treated poorly

    Hi, So I recently changed facilities and I am working in my specialty and am doing fine getting along with people in general, BUT for one nurse in particular who constantly is talking to other staff in a non-English language. This is at the nursing station and in front of patients and other staff who do not speak that language. This is in California. I have nothing, nothing against this persons culture but I am fed up with the constant talk and the disrespect and bad feelings it is causing. Are they talking about the weather, their kids, the patient, me? How would I know!!! This is against hospital policy(except on breaks and non patient areas). I went along with 3 other new employees(one of whom speaks that language by the way) to management to discuss how to handle this. They said that she has been warned and counseled about this many times and has been to classes etc. So my question is why does it continue? Am I so wrong to feel offended by this? This wouldn't fly if I was working in a foreign hosptial would it? Please no attacks on how we Americans are too sensetive and that I hate non Americans becasue both my parents were from other countries(2 different ones) and I was raised on English since they couldn't speak one anothers language:) Thanks, I am very upset becasue I believe that this is being tolerated and is not nice in general. We work together, why leave your co-wokrers out of your conversations on the job?