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  1. nurse2324

    Madison New Grad ADN??

    Hi Everyone! I am graduating in December so am beginning to apply for RN jobs. I will be an ADN nurse although I have already started in a BSN program. My boyfriend got offered a job in Madison and I am hoping I can find a job there too! I am scared about finding a hospital RN job as a new grad with an ADN though, preferably med surg. They only have 4 hospitals in Madison and from it looks now Meriter and VA aren't hiring med/surg RNs and UW only hires BSNs. Does anyone have any tips for the area?? I am going to apply to Milwaukee area too just in case but Madison is my preference. Thanks!
  2. nurse2324

    Work as LPN for a while?

    Hello all, In Spring 2015 I started the ADN program at a technical school in Wisconsin. Surprising since I had only attended the school for 2 semesters prior to being accepted. The school is great and I love a job as a CNA at a local hospital on the float pool. The only downfall is that I HATE the city I live in and am unhappy here. I moved here one year ago and my sister lived here when I planned on moving here. But after moving she got a fantastic job offer and moved across the country. I miss my family as they live 3 hours in either direction. I am thinking of finishing out this fall semester, taking the NCLEX-PN and moving closer to home working as an LPN for a while and wait to get accepted to an RN program closer to home. Otherwise I have a year and a half left of school here. I have lived here a year and love my job and school is great but I have no true friends. Would it be foolish to give up my spot in the ADN program and work for a while?