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  1. CC Freakazoid

    CAC Reader and iPad?

    Hello Is anyone connecting to military site with an iPad and cac reader besides using the reader and app on militarycac.com?
  2. CC Freakazoid

    3 Circulator Rn Job Offers

    Did you decide? I would say go where you felt comfortable with the team
  3. CC Freakazoid

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    I have a dark sense of humor...dowright inappropriate most times but apparently, compared to some, I reserve it for audiences who appreciate my dark humor. That means I would never wear my insensitive humor on my chest... That being said....theres nothing funny about a kid almost dying. I've seen similar insensitive shirts like that. I get it..."i laugh to keep from crying" whatever floats your boat....but what about the person next to you that had a loved one die from an OD....would they appreciate it? Better yet ....think of a heartbreaking moment in your life....would you be ok with people making light of it? It's all fun and games till it affects the people playing. Side note: when did doing well in school = high and mighty? I would think anyone would be proud of that. If anything, i would think yrying to achieve it would drive someone to drugs.... Anywho that's my thoughts on it as a former ICU RN, former Hospice RN, and mom....i know people will disagree with me.... I'm ok with that ...you have your opinion.... I have mine....
  4. CC Freakazoid

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    Call your BON and explain the situation and get their feedback. Take that to your nurse manager. While a charge nurse is in the chain of command, they are the chain of command during that shift (at least where I work) and do not make administrative changes/declarations. Also, every job I have applied to has asked me if I would be willing to work OT if needed and I aid yes, if I do not, that could be considered falsification of information on a an app and subject to termination....did you make such an agreement? Once all is said and done and worked out, I would then let said charge nurse know that if she ever threatened me or my job again without sufficient grounds, I would report her to the BON before she could even apologize. I would declare this with a personal witness and the nurse manager for the unit as well as the DON/CNO present. That way all would know that I am not one for bullying.
  5. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    That actually warms my heart. Seems like they all had the same organic chem/physics requirements when I first began my college journey....ofcourse that was quite a few moons ago. Organic chem I was ok with....physics was another story Thank you again :-)
  6. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    I will say its nice to see the differences laid out that way....makes it easier to decide which route to go ...thank you Minus a few things, it does seem like more of a difference in flexibility and autonomy over anything else. Im still toying with the idea of CRNA but honestly my real true issue is completing more pre-reqs. Seriously not liking the idea of taking physics :-( Nor am I liking the idea of another FT masters program. Eh I have a 3 year work commitment to figure it all out lol
  7. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    I get what youre saying about access, but Im not sure thats what the person was asking about. What is the actual job/role/duty difference between a CRNA and AA? Besides/beyond/aside from independent practice....what can a CRNA do that an AA cant? I have wondered this for quite some time but never really know. Its like the age old battle between PA and NP or RNFA vs SFA....a lot of the time the difference is autonomy, but no real difference between actual duties/roles....
  8. CC Freakazoid

    Are 2nd semester nursing students considered CNA's?

    The wording may throw people off.....to be certified you must take a certification exam but you after fundamentals you should have the basic skills of a nurses aide. Some hospitals may take you just like that. Some hospitals (some in FL, GA and Ohio) will set aside tech positions for nursing students. I know Childrens here in Cincinnati require that you have completed, at a min, your med surg rotation to work as a tech. If you decide to get certified look into the rules of your state. I know in FL you can challenge the exam meaning take it without having taken a formal nurses aide program. Because of this, you can go on craigslist and find weekend skills courses or even week long courses but I think you can only challenge it once or twice and if you cant pass, you wil have to take a formal course. That being said, you should be able to pass it after fundamentals