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  1. optimis

    CNAs starting IVs

    Certain techs at my hospital are allowed to start IVs and most are excellent at them. I am good at IVs and I do not consider myself a fool or lazy for delegating that task. We do have an IV therapy team, but they are for PICCs, midlines, central line dressing changes, and difficult sticks after 2 people have attempted. It takes at least 3 hours after a request is made for them to arrive. I would assume if you are needing promethazine and Dilaudid that you would not want to wait 3 hours. I am mildly surprised you have never had an IV in your AC before. I am more surprised you were given promethazine IV. My hospital has discontinued that practice because it is such a well known vesicant. We now only give it as a deep IM injection. When we did give it, it was diluted in a 100mL bag and given over 15 min. If you were given an IV push of promethazine with no fluids running, no wonder you had burning and IVs going bad!
  2. optimis

    PCU or ER as a new grad

    I’m an ER nurse, so I’m a little biased towards the ER job. Lots of my coworkers have an hour commute. Does it suck? Yes. Are they used to it? Also yes. You have been at that other hospital for TWELVE years and they haven’t given you a FT offer AND they are obviously working on cutting down...I wouldn’t necessarily trust them to make sure I got enough hours every week. Loyalty doesn’t pay the bills.
  3. optimis

    Dweller on a med error

    I’m sorry that happened, but you did all the right things. I bet that you will obsessively check the route from now on. You can’t change what happened, but you can make sure it never happens again.
  4. optimis

    Have you argued against a Clinical Warning?

    Did your instructor tell you why you received a warning? As in, what was it that your instructor says you did wrong?
  5. optimis

    Thoughts on Nashville State CC Nursing Program

    The program is set up so that everyone takes the same classes together. It isn't like you can just take one class at a time. You are only ever taking 2-3 classes at a time and generally have either class or clinicals 3 days a week. There is no flexibility in the schedule. A lot of people had part time jobs, but it is diffficult. No one in my class had a full time job.
  6. optimis


    No, I don't believe so.
  7. optimis


    My first clinical experience sounds a lot like yours. I understand how it can feel uncomfortable to feel like you have to look for tasks. I had a great clinical instructor who told us, "Clinicals are what YOU make of it". I spent a lot of time just talking to patients and their families. It helped me be able to anticipate a patient's needs. I also spent a lot of time reading through paper charts (we didn't have computer access either). It helped me understand the common abbreviations that are used and what kinds of interventions are done in the real world. As for lunch, there was only one place that we could eat so we all stayed together. We liked that though, and definitely bonded through it. Our clinical instructor would tell us her nursing stories or we would just chat or quiz each other. It was also a great time to pick her brain about things we didn't understand in class. I am just suggesting that if you could turn this negative into a positive, then clinical would probably be much more enjoyable.
  8. optimis

    ADN vs. ABSN

    I am second degree student going for an ASN at a community college because it is a fraction of the price of an ABSN in the area. Only one hospital in my area requires a BSN and the job market is pretty good for everyone. My plan is to work for a little while to pay off loans and then do an RN to MSN program since I already have a BS.
  9. optimis

    Motlow State CC versus Nashville State CC

    I just finished my first year at NSCC and I love it. It is hard, incredibly hard, but I know I am getting an excellent education and that the instructors genuinely care about the students. Also, the first semester you are only there 3 days a week (1 day of lecture, 1 day of skills lab, and 1 day of clinical). Like I said, it is one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but I feel like I will be very well prepared for the NCLEX and as prepared as any new grad can be.