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KrysyRN has 30 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. KrysyRN

    WGU Field Experience Preceptor Needed

    Sent a PM to you!
  2. Keep your picture off your resume. However, if you create a LinkedIn profile, you can add a professional looking photo of yourself on that.
  3. Very nice, Cecilia!
  4. KrysyRN

    Telephonic Nurse Remote Nurse

    Yes, I worked from home for multiple years. We didn't have loads of charting, thank goodness, but there were alot of different processes to follow and EMR systems to navigate depending on the reason for the call and the location in the U.S. the call ...
  5. KrysyRN

    Have FT and PRN Jobs. Include PRN on Resume?

    Yes, definitely put in on your resume. It's valid, recent experience. You won't need to indicate that the job is per diem on your resume. However, you will need to list this job on your application, and you might have to list your per diem status the...
  6. Consider recording your lectures if you're allowed and use the recordings to fill in your notes.
  7. KrysyRN

    RN is not for me :-(

    What are some of the reasons the callers complain about?
  8. KrysyRN

    HELP PLEASE LPN NCLEX out of school 2 years

    Consider going back to your nursing school's library (or any college that has a nursing school in your area) and reviewing NCLEX-PN study guides. You also may be able to find these guides in your local library. Check if there is an inter-library loa...
  9. KrysyRN

    Would you put a convention you attended on a resume?

    You would never be wrong to add this to your resume. I would recommend using the heading "Professional Development" if you do discuss it there. However, I think a better place to discuss the convention is in your cover letter.
  10. KrysyRN

    Compact Help!

    Hello, If you do a search on for "How To Upgrade Your Nursing License To An eNLC In 2018", I think you'll find answers to your questions. I also found a bunch of info on the Florida BON website ( Search "Nurse Compact F...
  11. I'm not in CA but was enrolled in two different bridge programs (LPN to AD-RN, then AD-RN to BSN). Nursing schools will definitely, and probably primarily, look at your practical nurse/vocational nursing school grades. If you have a few schools in mi...
  12. KrysyRN

    Need help with pediatric question please

    What does your drug handbook tell you to do?
  13. A faster more accurate way to get the info you need is to go to the CA BON site ( for lists of approved associates and baccalaureate degree programs [do a search for 'Pre-licensure RN programs' on the site]. The lists indicate which schools...
  14. KrysyRN


    If you took care of family members out of state, you could add that to your "Work Experience" section of your resume. Something like this: Caregiver (November 2018 - December 2018). City, State Provided in-home care to el...
  15. KrysyRN

    Resume Advice Wanted

    I found a lot of good info on websites about how to address a gap on a resume or cover letter related to medical issues. Try searching "explain an illness-related medical gap" or "unemployment gaps on your resume due to illness". From what I've read,...