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  1. GmaPearl BSN RN

    what would you do?

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!!!
  2. GmaPearl BSN RN


    WA State is up to 51 cases now. Center is in a hot bed area of anti-vaxers... go figure.
  3. GmaPearl BSN RN

    FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!

    Loving this thread! Had a crusty old custodian whose cure for head lice was: Pour some kerosine on the head, light it on fire, then when the lice run for their lives, you stab em with an ice pick. I loved that dear old man :)
  4. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Help Please!

    My daughters qualified for free school lunch courtesy of my school nurse salary. Now grown with children of their own they have both thanked me for "working to be with them".
  5. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Frequent Students

    If you can, pull a report from the offending teacher's class that shows the frequency of health room visits and time spent out of class. Present this to the teacher and if this does not help the situation, give a copy to admin. I think you can be more direct with the older kids, but in this day and age of rampant snowflakeitis, you just never know...
  6. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Neosporin, Cough Drops, & Crutches

    After having seen some pretty horrific reactions to topical antibiotics, no way would I use them on a child (even with a blanket order). Same goes for topical steroids.
  7. GmaPearl BSN RN


    Congratulations Amethya! Having a decent administrator makes all the difference!!!
  8. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Neosporin, Cough Drops, & Crutches

    My 25year old crutches have been used one time... as props in a school play. I would agree that loaning them to a student could become a huge liability. No stock antibacterial ointments or cough drops. If a finger or toe appears infected, I call the parent and send home a "recipe" for Epsom salt soaks :)
  9. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Homebound Coordinator

    I communicate with parents, get documentation from the HCP of the child's condition / need for home instruction, then turn it into SPED department and keep my building admin informed.
  10. GmaPearl BSN RN

    LAST DAY!!!!

    The 22nd for me too. It can not come soon enough!!!
  11. GmaPearl BSN RN

    OMG!!! FIELD DAY!!!

    You also need a big umbrella, scuba :)
  12. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    There shall be No vomit on the health room floor.
  13. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Another Tragedy

    I value your perspective, Old Dude. God Bless!!!
  14. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Happy National School Nurse's Day

    I received letters with illustrations from 120+ 4th graders flowers and one parent brought in a lovely bag containing chocolates and a bottle of wine :) Looking forward to reading the letters over the weekend! I am so thankful for this group of awesome school nurses. Bless you all!
  15. GmaPearl BSN RN

    ? about diabetic supplies in office

    I have no stock diabetic supplies. Each child's family provides for their student.