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  1. Update for anyone else in this situation: Original submission of docs for licensure was May 31. I received my full license (not just temp practice permit) on June 6. What?!? On June 1 I got an automated email from them stating that I hadn't listed the states I've lived in, since I only selected "federal FBI" on the application (I live in Ohio-- not required to send background check from my state). They told me to upload a letter stating where I had lived/worked/studied in the last 10 years. I did that through PALS (you have to upload it to the part that says "discrepancy" for the discrepancy to go away.
  2. bex177

    Worried about license endorsement being too slow

    Update: I logged in tonight and I have a license! Not just a temporary one, a real one!! Yowza, FAST!!
  3. bex177

    Worried about license endorsement being too slow

    Update: FBI fingerprints were received by FBI last Thursday, and I got the results by email on Wednesday, so less than a week. Application now submitted and awaiting review... fingers crossed!
  4. bex177

    PA License By Endorsement. Please Help!

    I think all you need is your CORI! Good luck!
  5. Update for anyone else worried about this: I just spoke to the BON and they said that for applicants from Ohio, California and Arizona (the states that aren't able to send their CHRC) you only have to do the federal FBI check, even if you have lived in other states in the last 10 years. Yay!
  6. I just got my first camp job (YAY!) and immediately started working on the license endorsement since I have just 26 business days before I have to start. I am super nervous, looking at all the different 3-9 business day steps!! Am I crazy to think this can be done? I'm applying for a Pennsylvania license, from Ohio. I know they issue temporary practice permits typically in a couple weeks, but the background checks seem to take a long time, and I have to get 3! (2 previous states plus federal) Any tips to speed things up?
  7. @heather789 did you figure this all out? I'm just starting the process and have only 26 business days to get the TPP... the background checks from 2 states plus FBI are giving me a minor heart attack. One slowdown is going to make this not work! What is the address to send official transcripts to? I can't even get to that part of the online application until I have all my fingerprints uploaded 🙄 but I figured I should submit that now rather than waiting.
  8. bex177

    Masters Preferred at Cincinnati Children's?

    This is a little old now but I would recommend you reach out to the Nurse Recruiters there. I have found them to be very responsive and helpful. I am in a different situation because I am graduating this fall so I'm looking for a new grad position, but am also relocating to Cincinnati and looking to work there. Good luck!
  9. bex177

    ABSN UMASS Amherst 2016-2017 cycle

    hi all, I'm a current ABSN student at UMass if you have any specific questions. Congrats to everyone who got in!