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  1. Nateybird

    How to organize your gear in clinicals

    A bunch of us in our program rock retro fanny packs...Amazon.com: X80® Neon Fanny Pack: Clothing. It will change your life lol.
  2. Nateybird

    TEAS score acceptance at EVCC

    4th quarter nursing student here, I know of people who got in with high 70's on the TEAS. It really depends on the grade distribution for each quarter applicants. I have never heard of the UW Bothell students, this could be because of the Bridge program being offered at Everett (Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) - UW Bothell), but that has nothing to do with pre-nursing students. As far as I know.. They take the top 40 students on the TEAS with the best scores. They used to keep 2 spots open for LPN students, but they have stopped doing this. Good luck you guys and keep applying. There is a girl in my class who got in on her 5th attempt. Keep going!