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montna has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ER/Trauma & Psych.

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  1. Hi all, I am scheduled to take the pre-entrance exam this week and was wondering if anyone had practice questions or pointers. I know it is based on ACLS and PALS but any other info would be appreciated!!
  2. montna

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    Congrats!! I saw in an old thread that it was a MSN in informatics at Duke, correct? would love to hear your thoughts about the program. How exciting to finally be done!!
  3. Looking for any info from ppl who went through these programs about your experience and recommendations. I have my BSN, 2 years of nursing experience and some experience as a SuperUser. I'm not at the point where I'm sure that I want or need a full master's in this area so I'm hoping a cert will be enough to help me decide if I want to further pursue this field beyond my current capacity. Thanks! :)
  4. *bump* I hope this thread gets more replies! I'm considering Chamberlain & Thomas Edison State University (I got my non-nursing bachelor's degree from the latter), among other programs such as Duke & UoMaryland. I saw some warnings about for-profit schools but I'm not seeing how they're "so much more expensive" than more established schools. Chamberlain (some kind of association with DeVry, I'm not entirely clear on this) comes out to a little under $25K, compared to Duke which is over $36K and U of Maryland at over $52K. Cost, length of time to complete program, and reputation are my main concerns.