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    I don't know how this organization can't update their system to give exam results in member's accounts. Sometimes they don't even update your exam results at all! Most people get their results via USPS instead of through their Breeze Account! That is so ridiculous when you paid for an exam and they can't give you your results in a timely manner online!
  2. JOWI75

    Failed NCLEX 2nd time

    I'm using nurseachieve because they are giving a 30day free trial no credit card needed due to covid. It's actually pretty good! They have unlimited CAT Mock exams! I've veen taking 2 a day. The rationales are good and they even list their resources in every rationale. They use several reputable textbooks and resources for their QBank. It's FREE to use for 30 days! Just use the code fres30 when your register.
  3. JOWI75

    Failed NCLEX 2nd time

    so sorry to hear that. Keep pushing! I am using nurseachieve right now. I'm going to retake for a 3rd time. How did you do with the practice CAT mock exams on nusrseachieve? I used UWorld and Klimek the 2 first times. I was close to passing, but didn't. So I'll be taking it my 3rd time. What did you notice when you took the exam this time? Was it hard for you? Did the questions seems vague? Did you feel like you couldn't answer the questions that were given to you? Were they subjects you had never heard of? Because that's how I felt my 2nd try at NCLEX RN! LOL So you're not alone. Keep pushing!
  4. JOWI75

    NCLEX Struggle

    I spoke to Dr. Khan about not using UWorld. I took NCLEX twice using UWorld. Using it a 3rd time was just going to be me memorizing the answers. Failing twice frazzled me. I preferred in person but because of Covid he switched to online. I lost wifi connection a lot of lectures and missed out. I could not afford to extend so I have no choice but to just go off of the book that was provided with his course.
  5. JOWI75

    NCLEX Struggle

    KSK TRAINING IN GARDENA, CA. Dr. KHAN. He offers a prep course. It's pricey but a lot of prep courses in person are pricey. I just finished with him. I am not using UWorld this 3rd time. It would just be me memorizing answers since they repeat the same questions. I chose to use the book that came with Dr.Khan's class as my reference point and used another question bank. I'm using Kaplan question bank and a book by Donna Gauwitz "Practice Questions". If the rationales are not good enough. Then I refer to the book and notes from Dr.Khan's lectures.
  6. Hi everyone, just curious if anyone has ever used Donna Gauwitz NCLEX RN PRACTICE QUESTIONS book to study for NCLEX RN and passed it in 2020? I did UWorld twice and took NCLEX twice and did not pass. I felt like renewing UWorld was just going to be memorizing the question bank I used twice already. So I'm kind of over UWorld because it did not work for me.
  7. JOWI75

    Harbor College nursing program Fall 2013

    Crate, I know others who feel the same way as you. But most places that pay really well with excellent benefits are now requiring a BSN just to work for them. So your GPA will matter once you hit CSU or USC level for a bachelors. Don't stop at an ASN! Go for your BSN!