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  1. ERNurseatheart

    Ancc exam/aanp failure

    Im in the same boat as I have failed on my first try with AANP, but motivated to pass on my next attempt. God Bless to all of us. We will be FNP's --positive affirmations..
  2. ERNurseatheart

    Passed AANP. Studying, timeline, thoughts...

    Congrats. Just Beautiful!!! You give me hope for my second chance. I've been studying the same books now and I feel better with these materials at my grasp. Again, Kudos.. You deserve it...FNP
  3. ERNurseatheart

    Graduate RN

    well said colleague. He will find his way, but I have learned that experience is the best way. It's scary out here sometimes and the school of nursing that I have come from seems almost extinct. Good Luck on your journey sir and pray that you make a wise decision.
  4. ERNurseatheart

    Passed the NCLEX after failing twice!

    Congratulations. You give me hope. That was a beautiful story. I had failed my first FNP exam and I am currently studying to prepare for passing the second time. God Bless.
  5. ERNurseatheart

    Failure is not an option

    Hello everyone, I was feeling so down after my 1st exam of which I failed, but I feel rejuvenated after to getting great input from other nurses on here and my colleagues on test anxiety. I was wondering when is a good time to go back and take the test. My review course for Hollier is at the end of January. I don't want to rush it this time.
  6. ERNurseatheart

    Failed AANP/Should I take Kaplan Review

    MikeFNPC, Thank you for the input as I have not only set up to go to a review course, but I have started remaking flash cards for my weaknesses and ordered Leik's review book and its like a new world to me--teach how to study and take the test means the world to me.. Praying for success on my second go round.
  7. ERNurseatheart

    Failed AANP/Should I take Kaplan Review

    Thank you so much for your input as I will be going to Hollier review and have bought Leik's review book which is wonderful..Thanks a million.
  8. ERNurseatheart

    Failed AANP/Should I take Kaplan Review

    Hello fellow nurses, I had failed my AANP exam on yesterday. I am the first one to graduate school in my family and feel so much pressure to be successful. I believe that God has a plan for me, but I am still human and my heart hurts so bad. I went to Hollier review and even have her study guides, but as I think back to yesterday and have read comments on this site I am coming to the realization that maybe I need a course to teach me how to take the exam. I have history of anxiety attacks during exams. I've been taking care of patients for 15 years and love it, but my issues are coming back to bite me. I've always had problems taking test. I was in awe when I was on the test yesterday and my mind went blank. I am so afraid to take this test again. I do not give up, but feel like a failure.
  9. ERNurseatheart

    AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)

    I do understand how you felt as I had failed my aanp exam on yesterday. I can take care of patients without a second thought in the ER yet was unable to pass this test. I feel like such a failure. I have been a nurse for 15 years and went to Hollier review. I have always been a poor test taker due to my anxiety. I do remember that I had taken Hurst for my NCLEX, because I needed to know how to take the test rather than the material. I feel confident in the material as I have been studying backwards and forwards, but I feel that maybe I need a review course that can help me choose my answers when I get down to two questions. This has always been my downfall and has come back to bite me.