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    Taking a break from NP School?

    Hi everyone, I wanted some advice on potentially taking a break from NP school. I'm in an Adult-Gero Acute Care MSN program, and just finished my first year. I'm getting ready to start clinical late Fall/early next Spring. That being said, I only had a year of experience when I enrolled in the program and am feeling nervous about starting clincials so soon. I'm an ICU nurse. Additionally, I need to work both full time and usually pick up an extra shift a few times a week as I have no familial support system, and in fact help my family out quite a bit. I'm contemplating postponing my clinicals to next fall, taking some of my lighter classes in the Fall (leadership, etc) and paying for those with my employer's tuition reimbursement program. Additionally, if I were to postpone a year I would open up more reimbursement money and will not have to pay any more than 1k out of pocket for the program. What's holding me back is fear that I will forget a lot of pharm/patho and advanced assessment. I'm also worried that graduating a year later (2022 instead of 2021) will harm me in terms of looking for jobs in what seems like an already saturated market. It seems like there are jobs here for Acute-NPs, however, I don't know if that will still be the case in 3 years. Any advice?