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    Mercy College of Health Sciences - Des Moines

    Pass rates have been in the 90%s until last term. I heard that national, state as well as the colleges rates dropped due to a new NCLEX exam. They said it is a normal thing when a new NCLEX comes out. Tips for anyone: There are a lot of hoops to jump through. But stay close to your instructors, follow instructions, do your homework (lots of homework) be where you are supposed to be which includes not blowing off classes or clinicals - it's a professional program. Most of the students here transfer in so it isn't like we don't know what college is like. But nursing is a challenging program anyway. It is a bit challenging here because they rotate some faculty through courses depending upon what their specialty is and it can be difficult getting used to various instructors in a single course. The cost, up front may seem more, but visiting with a few of the DMACC students, by the time all the fees are added up and scholarships added in, Mercy is about the same. Plus now that they have the BSN, you can have your 4-year degree in the same time it would take you to wait on DMACCs list and then go through their program - if you make it through the program. I got in the ASN to BSN transitions program at Mercy. wish they would have had the BSN last year.