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TashaLPN2006RN2012 has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Home Health, Podiatry, Neurology, Case Mgmt.

(2012-Present) R.N. (2005-2012)LPN/LVN

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  1. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Online FPN programs that help or provide Clinical Placements

    I graduated from Simmons and they found all my clinical sites for me!
  2. I live in Jacksonville, FL....in need of an OB/GYN & peds rotation (or clinic that sees all ages daily) ASAP. I can have a preceptor who is an NP, MD, or PA....I have been all over the place talking with clinics with no luck. I attend Simmons College and currently doing a rotation at MCCI but it's mostly elderly adult. If anyone has any contacts or knows of a place that will take a student FNP on I'd be extremely thankful. My school usually does all this but due to UNF, UF etc (some of the programs PAY their preceptors) everyone is turning me away and turning my school away! Thanks for any help! Tasha
  3. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I'm an 2012 ASN grad, 2014 BSN grad and now I'm currently in FNP school through Simmons College. I was previously an LPN from 2006 to 2012. Have worked in home health, podiatry, derm, family care, adult /gero, LTC, acute rehab and case management for both adult and peds. Totally well prepared by EC curriculum and standards!
  4. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons College FNP March 2014 cohort

    Sorry to hear that Adventure. good luck with your other applications, I'm sure something will work out for you! =)
  5. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    No this program will NOT work for you if you can not either have specific days of work assigned or a flexible schedule. It just is not possible. There are MANY other NP programs around. Do some research and see what they offer, board pass rates, tuition costs, preceptor placements etc. Make a list of your requirements and how you can fit school into your life. Right now I work M-F 830am-5pm from home as a Nurse Case Manager...I can use my 1hr lunch break to watch the pre-recorded videos and/or write papers/do assignments etc. I take my live classes in the evenings...I'm in term 3 and so far have been able to keep my classes on M, Tue and Thurs late evenings 9pm-11pm or 8p-10p and one I had to take 630p-830p because it wasn't offered any later. There are some Sat/Sun classes but those dont work for me because of my 3 kids and husband and work schedule. Once I start clinicals this summer I will no longer be able to work M-F and will need a set schedule of 3 12's per week. I am already talking to the local hospice about a PRN or FT position where I can work those types of hours. For me these sacrifices are worth it due to my pay increasing significantly after graduation. Each person must decide on their own what will or will not work for them. Good luck! Tasha
  6. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons College FNP March 2014 cohort

    Sorry just seeing this post. I've been super busy with work/school/family so I rarely get a chance to get on allnurses anymore. Yes I am still happy. and it is expensive, however, I feel like the money put into it is giving me an excellent education and the fact I do not have to hunt my own preceptors down (as I've seen sooooo many MSN/NP students doing on FB even) is well worth the money to me. My pay here in FL will almost double upon graduation...if it was only going to go up 10-20K it might not be worth it but for me it is. I work M-F FT too, I've been taking all evening and/or weekend classes thus far has worked. When clinicals start there is no way I can work FT M-F, I will have to find a 3X12hr job or work part time to get my clinical hours in. I am PT at school now so I don't have to worry about that until July of next year. I'm 1/2 way through term 3 and still doing good with work school. I do not have a lot of extra time for anything else but i'm okay with that. Papers have been anywhere from 3-10 pages but not due every week. There are a few classes that have discussion postings but they are fairly short and to the point (these started mostly in term 3 for me), then their are pre-recorded videos to review weekly for each class (it's like a Youtube video with power points attached is the best way i can describe it), and some of them are interactive where you will have to type an answer in during the video and submit your response. There are quizzes and tests in some classes and not in others. (Patho, Pharm and Research have had quizzes/tests) while others you work the entire term to turn in a final paper as your "final". There are three research classes (research, scholarly inquiry 1 and scholarly inquiry 2) with group work but I haven't had any problems with my group as we got to "pick" each other so I work with two girls I've had continuous classes with thus far. Hope that helps
  7. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    eqhealth solutions

    Did you get hired? It's a pretty great company. Lots of work and can get hairy with all the training/meetings but I love the home based feel to it. It's worked out great for me while I continue my education
  8. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons College Jan 2015 Cohort!

    Congrats and good luck to those waiting. I'm halfway through my third term. The work is no-joke! It's challenging but really interesting and I love the format of the classes and so far all my instructors have been awesome!
  9. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Starting from scratch desperately NEED direction advice

    Chaotic- I did my ASN,BSN and now MSN online and loved it. I am currently at Simmons College. If you google Nursing@Simmons it will bring up their ASN to MSN/FNP program. Unlike some online programs they DO find you clinical placement, as well as weekly "live" online classes (where you use your webcam and in a chat room classroom on a teleconference call line for whats call a live session) It really blends the in-person feeling of a brick and mortar school with the online conveince. Do some searches, really look into the programs. You will get mixed reviews on here of online versus a "regular" college. Good luck!
  10. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    what happens if IT issue intervenes in online schooling?

    Wow I'm really sorry you had all that difficulty with your program! I think I would have been devastated if that happened to me. I prefer DSL/Cable internet over ATT anyday. I also dropped ATT cell service years ago due to their business practices and poor customer service.
  11. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons College Online FNP...Reviews Please

    I just started my third term this week! So far I love the program. It's challenging and I feel like I've really learned a lot thus far. The live classes are great, and it's nice to actually "see" people and the instructor to have discussions and clarify information. Student support is amazing when you have issues and quick to reply. The registration process for classes has some limitations but it improves each term so they are working on it! The grading is fair but tough. 83% is the lowest grade you can get and still pass. Pharm 1 and Pharm 2 are VERY challenging and a lot of reading/studying. I enjoyed giving presentations in class as well =)
  12. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons online FNP 2015

    I'm currently in the program. I am in the March Part-Time cohort. Clinicals has already started for many student, might have better luck on the Simmons Facebook page (search for nursing@simmons) for these questions. I don't start clinical until June next year, however, I have already been told that they have secured placement in my area for students. I also helped the school get an affiliation agreement with the local VA medical center as well for the school. Anyway, so far I love the program. It's really tough at times and A LOT of work. I started full time, but dropped to part time in term 2 due to having to work full time and not having enough time for school. A lot of people do full time work and full time school but with three kids at home under the age of 9 i just couldn't do it! =) I'm also the only one that works/has an income so no choice for me. Congrats to those who got in, and good luck to those waiting. Feel free to friend me on facebook and/or send me a message on here if you have any questions. Tasha
  13. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    eqhealth solutions

    EQ will not allow you to have more than 40 on your case load. I have 6 private duty nursing kids...and the rest are PPEC. What area are in? Tampa? South FL? is it a home based position or office position? Home visits are done 2X's per year on PDN kids, and 2X's per year at the PPEC (go to the daycare not the pt home). There are medical treatment team meetings that can be done over the phone with the physician, family, and provider (home health nursing or PPEC center depending on which case they are) via conference calls. We also do all prior authorizations in the system for Medicaid for these kids as well to authorize the services. It's alot of different tasks, including making your monthly phone calls to the parents, checking insurance eligibility, scheduling the medical treatment team meetings etc and will take about 2 mo to feel really comfortable with things. For the home visits i went to 3-4 with another care coordinator until I felt comfortable. Now I just go by myself. We have weekly team meeting conference calls, and monthly full company conference calls. I've only had to travel an 1.5hr away for ONE mandatory in person meeting thus far. There are always trainings that will be scheduled for you too, which can sometimes really mess up your day so you have to be able to prioritize and also "roll with it", when things come up. =) I hope that helps and good luck with your interview!
  14. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    The statement is a reflection of your nursing career, why you would be a good canidate for Simmons FNP, and how you will make a good FNP...there are specific areas to cover in the personal statement (I think it's listed with the application what you are supposed to write about)...personally i do not think having insurance/cpt codes is what is going to make you a great FNP! 😃 You should focus on your accomplishments in nursing, skills, and why you desire to become an FNP. Also talk with the admission rep if you are having difficulty they are there to help you. I think you will do fine and all will be well. Just take the time to contemplate why this degree and career change is so important to you, your family and your future patients.... Example: Mine focused on my 8 yrs of nursing experience moving from state to state with my husband when he was in the Army...after he was injured during a deployment it was an NP that finally diagnosed him with PTSD/TBI after physicians brushed off his symptoms/complaints. This gave me a deep desire to work with wounded vets and/or their families upon graduation due to the severe lack of continuity of care in that patient population. I commented on the different settings throughout the years as an LPN, then RN, then BSN RN and how my desire for more knowledge has been evident over the past 8 yrs. I chose simmons because I wanted to be a proud graduate knowing i obtained a degree and skill set taught by such a prestigious college. My paper was a little over 3 pages, but they accepted it. I found out I was accepted within 30 days of applying. Good luck!
  15. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    PS..not saying I don't write papers for Simmons ( I DO ) but my knowledge of the material is not just based off of paper writing, instead Simmons uses paper writing (typically short essays in APA for assignments, and large APA for "final" papers) but what is nice is that I got the live class time with an instructor to clarify the material instead of just getting an email or discussion board post response to my questions. I can also CALL my instructors on the phone, student support and/or other classmates as we all have formed a bond due to the live session each week. =) One girl is now a really close friend and we do live study sessions online using our school platform video/phone conferencing line, take all of our classes each term together now, and are planning to share a room in boston for our immersion clinical weekend next year! =) That's def. not something I had in a traditional discussion board/online classes!
  16. TashaLPN2006RN2012

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    ACOPE- Simmons is a Brick and Mortor School in Boston, most of my friends had not heard of it either as they did not offer an online FNP until Oct 2013 (1st cohort started), I was referred to Simmons by Georgetown (in my opinion if GU is referring students there I'd say that's pretty good sign of their reputation!)...anyway, people choose their schools based on personal reasons. I applied to several, I chose Simmons....my reasoning was I didn't want an online school that was only assignment/paper writing/discussion board type setting. I did it for my BSN, and I did great, learned alot but I wanted some audio/visual and face to face time with instructors for my MSN. I also did not want to have to search for preceptors myself as I've seen on Allnurses the sheer panic of people looking for preceptors and Simmons places you, but I also wanted the flexibility that if some place came up (Which for me the Veterans Affairs down here did) that I could find my own preceptor....Now the North FL/S. GA VA is working together to sign an affiliation agreement for the school and vA to work together down here to place students (I wanted to do clinicals there, i called around found the person in charge and put them in touch with my clinical placement specialist, they are doing all the work now)....Money is a big issue for people as well. Simmons is a Private school like Georgetown and has a price tag to reflect. For me the benefits of what I wanted outweighed the cost of the school. I made a list of pros' and cons for me that helped me make a decision. PROS 1. 100% board pass rate on-campus program 2. same material/instruction as on-campus program 3. pre-recorded lectures to watch each week 4. live weekly classes w/instructor & classmates 5. Reputable school/name 6. Preceptor placement 7. Admission and Student support was always quick to respond to questions Cons 1. Price tag 2. making sure I could schedule live classes around my life/work Everyone's Pro/Con list will be different, these were important to me personally. I then took the Simmons list and placed it against the other schools...many of my cons for other schools were lengthier (would not release a pass rate (BIG red flag to me!), discussion board/paper writing to "learn the material", no clinical placement help, varying reputation comments/reviews online, and the kicker was most of the schools I talked to the admission reps were either "pushy" like sales people or very closed mouth when asking questions or would not return calls/emails promptly.