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  1. sault

    Pasadena, Tx

    Hi everyone! I just accepted a position in Pasadena, Tx. I’m a transplant to dallas from VA. does anyone have information about Pasadena?
  2. sault

    PVT after nclex

    I passed!!!!!!! Got the unofficial PASS today for 7.95$. I’m so freakin happy right now!!!!!!!!!
  3. sault

    PVT after nclex

  4. sault

    PVT after nclex

    Is this the good pop up? I finished my test two hours ago. I’m so sick to my stomach right now. I can’t stop crying. I feel like I bombed it but I heard that’s normal 😳
  5. Do you day or nights?
  6. Brookhaven nursing and rehab facility in Carrollton,tx
  7. I was lucky. The original place I went to held a position for me to come back as soon as I cleared my name off of the list ❤️
  8. I got my letter! I've been reinstated ❤️!!! Thanks to everyone for listening to me!
  9. How do I check my state??
  10. What did u do to pass the time while you waited?im a wreck.
  11. I check it like 100 times a day even though I know the list is only updated once a month. It's my anxiety and obsession. Do you know what the investigation consists of? As soon as u got the letter you could start working again?
  12. I sent in my paperwork in August but then got a call in sept that 2 pages were missing í ¾í´¦í ¼í¿¾*♀️. So she mailed the packet again but told me she would be out of the office the rest of the month. So I got it back in to her and she revived it sept 26th. I called her today to check on it. She was nice enough to call me back, but said it could take 120 days and reinstatement's are not the priority. Which I understand. They have more pressing cases to investigate. She said they don't normally take calls for updates. So I'll just take these meds and not bother her í ½í¸”. What do they have to research to reinstate you that could take 120 days? What is the investigation? I'm so broke and poor not being able to go to work. I'm in such a dark place. I'm working for 11$/hr and barely keeping the lights on.
  13. What exactly are they investigating when you apply for reinstatement? It's taking forever for me to hear back from OIG. I've been put on anxiety meds due to this í ½í¸”
  14. I guess I'm worried I will fined or in trouble for working 😢
  15. I'll inbix u my phone num n email address. Send me a txt n we can speak more.
  16. Are you looking for a job? Is Carrollton too far for you?