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  1. Last week my CNA to me: "Hey the lady in 136 has something weird on her butt." Ohhh the glamor of it all.......
  2. MingaRN

    LTC/SNF or Clinic Experience as a New Grad?

    I am an RN working in MI. I graduated in May 2013. At the time I had been a CNA in a LTC/SNF for over 5 years. I loved being a CNA there. The relationships I developed with my residents and their families are priceless to me. I was having a hard time thinking of leaving behind those that I had become close to. In addition management was very flexible with me schedule wise while I was in school and I kind of felt that I owed them something. Nursing turnover was very high, and they were short staffed at the time of my graduation. So I agreed to take a nursing position there. I was given 3 days of orientation. The transition to my role as RN was very difficult. My work load consisted of 30-35 pts with a support staff of 3-4 CNAs. The patients were over medicated (my opinion), with some patients getting more than 15 oral medications in one med pass. My entire day consisted of crushing pills, mixing them in apple sauce and trying to convince my often confused/demented residents to swallow it down. Facility policy was any incident of nurse overtime that was not pre approved would result in a write up. It was the norm for nurses to clock out and then come back to the floor to finish up charting (off the clock) so as to avoid overtime and said write ups. On the plus side, I can't think of a better crash course in time management. It was my goal every day to be efficient enough that I wouldn't have to chart off the clock. I was treated very poorly by a couple of the LPNs, who told me that I didn't deserve to be making more money than them because their years of experience were worth more than the 2 semesters of school I made it through that they hadn't (note: this is actually true, but I didn't set the pay scale, and I won't apologize for being a good student). The only clinical skill that I gained any experience with was placing Foley/straight caths. I quit that job with out having another one lined up, just out of sheer frustration. The job hunt was dismal. I was told by every hospital I applied to that they wanted experienced nurses or BSNs and that LTC/SNF was "not the type of experience" they were interested in. Finally, desperate for a job I took position at another facility but it was even worse, having what I considered to be a very low standard of pt care on top of the ridiculous pt load. I finally got a break and landed a job with an in patient stroke/trauma rehab facility that is housed with in a hospital. The max pt load is 8 with one CNA for support. The other nurses have been kind and supportive when I have questions. On days that I would be low censused I am given the oportunity to float to other floors in the hospital to gain experience. I am extremely happy to say that last week I was offered a position on their acute care floor. :) I apologize, this has gotten long winded, but I the point I'm trying to make is that taking that first job was a huge mistake. It gave me no credible experience, and I strongly feel it hurt me in my hunt for a hospital job. I got really lucky in the end. Bottom line: I do not advise taking a job in LTC unless that is the specialty you want to stick with. Hold out for what you want, relocate if you have to.
  3. MingaRN

    HIST 1312 required books

    Hello all! I am signed up for HIST 1312: 1865-present for the spring 15 semester. I just looked up the required materials and saw that there are three listed totaling $145. I have in the past taken history/English classes with out using the books, as most of the information can be found using a Google search. If anyone has taken this class before, do you think it is feasible to get a decent grade with out buying the books? Christmas shopping has left me broke..... Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. MingaRN

    MATH 1308 and/or POLS 2311 syllabus

    (Edited by admin. The syllabus is copyright of the teacher....it may not be shared.) Be advised: you need a webcam with microphone for this class since all tests are proctored by ProctorU.com. The proctoring fee is $30 per test (three tests and a final). I wish I would have been told when I enrolled as the extra expense was unexpected.