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Blue_Moon has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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    Are you ever asked to and expected to volunteer at your school after hours? I'm asked to volunteer ALL THE TIME! I work in an elementary school and they want staff volunteers to help work game concessions every week, donating food for various events, volunteering for monthly PTO fundraisers (working at fast food restaurants, bingo, fall fests, shirt sales, candy sales...), donating food for several volunteer parties a year, etc. It never ends. I donate various food items or money occasionally to help but I don't want to stay after work or come back for 2-3 hours of donating my time for events. I have a 35 min commute so once I'm home I don't want to go back and then I sure don't want to hang out for an hour or two waiting for something to start. I do volunteer my time once in a while but am made to feel it's not enough. When my own kids were in grade school I volunteered at their school and helped out with fundraisers several times a year for 15 years so frankly I'm over it. Not to mention in the evenings I have my own family to take care of. My husband and I still have a child at home that enjoys supper and to have someone there to talk about their day and a grandchild I help watch a lot. After spending 8 hours with the students and taking care of so many, the last thing I want to do is hang out with them some more after work. When I was part of my own kid's PTO the last thing I expected were for the teachers to help volunteer their time for anything. If they wanted to then that was fine but our parent organization never asked them to because we knew they had already spend all day with our kids. We were trying to make their lives easier not harder so this is why I'm shocked at how much they ask for help. They want all this money to bring in fun things for the kids which I totally get but the county already pays for a few field trips a year and the PTO does a fun program or two a year but now they are wanting to do even MORE stuff and it seems excessive. Is this normal in your schools?
  2. Blue_Moon

    Elementary v.s. High School Opinion

    You have a history of working with adolescents and now you have experience working with grade school kids so which age group do you enjoy working with the most? If you have a favorite there's your answer. If you like them the same go on the interview to just get a feel of things, check out the office, etc. Not everyone enjoys working with the older, moody, hormonal teens but you can connect with them on a different level than the young ones. You can also joke with older kids a little easier. With all your experience dealing with the teens it seems like there's a lot you could bring to the table that other nurses may not already have and you'd be a big asset there. You said: This makes me think you'd enjoy working with the older kids better. High school jobs don't come open very often just because there aren't as many as grade schools so that's something to consider as well. I've mainly worked grade schools and some middle schools. Attitudes with kids are my pet peeve. They make me go through the roof really fast and I never tolerated them with my own kids. I find grade school kids have a lot less attitudes which is why I like working with them better but it's hard too because you have to play detective every day. I have to try and figure out if they don't feel well because they missed breakfast, didn't poop, are getting sick or worried about something. I don't think one group is easier than another. They are just different. I would base my decision on which age group I enjoy the most and secondly on which school has the best support.
  3. Blue_Moon

    Lpn or rn

    I think what she means is there is more clinical type jobs for LPN's in like dr offices than RN's which is true. However, you are limiting yourself to jobs as an LPN. You will make more money as an RN and there will be more opportunities to pick from. There are many RN jobs that are normal 8-4 hours. For example, there's school nursing (you may need an BSN for that though), staff educators, management, hospital clinics, cancer infusion centers, many dr offices still need/want RN's, urgent cares, radiology nurse positions, OR, contact centers, cardiac cath labs, home health, etc. However, you MAY have to work 12 hr shifts in order to gain experience for those positions. You already works as a medical assistant in a pediatrician's office so if you pretty much know what working as an LPN in that type of setting would entail. (Pretty much what you're doing now.) If you're happy with that and know that's what you want then go for the LPN and then later if you decide you want something different or more you can go back for your RN.
  4. Blue_Moon

    Advice on returning to work after time off

    You won't know where you stand until you try. If you left on good terms you already have a foot in. Start applying and see what happens. Reach out to old managers or co-workers and see if they can help put in a good word for you. In the grand scheme of things you haven't been out that long. I was a stay at home mom for 10 yrs and out of the hospital itself for 15 after having only a year and a half experience as a hospital nurse (and five as a school nurse) and had no problem getting back in. I researched good resumes and cover letters and how to showcase my strengths. I also used references of teachers at my kid's school and church that I volunteered with so there's an idea. Good luck!
  5. Blue_Moon

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    I will miss your positive attitude and great advice! Enjoy this next phase of your life! Don't be a stranger!!
  6. Blue_Moon

    What do teachers think about school nurses?

    I've often wondered the same thing! LOL! At this school I do feel my teachers appreciate me more than other places because they tell me they couldn't do my job, am glad I'm feeling better or back after I've been off, etc however, on the other hand these same teachers will cut through my office after repeatedly asked not to, will take personal calls on their cell phones in my office as I'm sitting there working without even asking so as to not disturb people in the main office, second guess some of my decisions etc. so there's that. I think they view us as more like their helper to make their life easier and if we don't they get testy.
  7. Blue_Moon

    Another new school nurse

    Welcome! I hope you like it! I love the time off and making kids feel better. Pretty low stress most of the time. I hate the lack of respect, teachers/aides expecting me to do non-nursing stuff all the time, the pay, and the fact I'm bored more often than not. I have all summer off but can't really afford to do much. LOL! I am looking to return to the hospital. My kids are grown. I love working 3 days a week and done. I hate the 9-5 grind. I did not enjoy the hospital schedule when all my kids were little because I wanted to be home when they were but now that they are all flying the coop I don't want/need that schedule anymore. I would like the extra money the hospital provides to get my house paid off so I can travel some then eventually go part time/per diem. That's my plan anyway!
  8. Blue_Moon

    just a Thursday vent

    I personally love dog poop. I mean who doesn't want to come to work to clean up dog poop off shoes/feet? That's why I went to nursing school!
  9. Blue_Moon

    I'll miss you all, but...

    I don't blame you one bit. Best wishes on your new journey! Keep in touch!
  10. Blue_Moon

    Rules for next year

    I think your list is perfect for those high schoolers! It's time to grow up. For those that want ice packs, I think by that age if you don't see any swelling, bruising, limping, redness then they don't even need an ice pack and the rest get like 5-10 min tops. Plus they need a pass from the teacher so they aren't in there wasting time without the teacher's permission. Something else I thought of, maybe ask your staff to not send kids at the end of the period because then you get a line and they are late for the next period which is not fair to THOSE teachers. I'd say if you feel they need to come and see the nurse it needs to be by half way point of class or the next period teacher must give the excuse to come in!
  11. I use math every single day. I have to use algorithms to caculate how much insulin to give in the schools. You just plug the numbers in so it's not hard. I was never great at math either but was strangely good with algebra thankfully because when I graduated the pharmacy would make us calculate our own med doseages. It was basically an algebra equation. Now most of the time that's figured out for you and if you have a question you can call pharmacy to check for you but there have been many times I double checked the pharmacy dose to make sure it was right. There's probably an app now that can help you figure that out but I would practice med doseage calculations over and over until you get it down pat because I guarantee that will be on a test eventually if it hasn't already!
  12. Blue_Moon

    History of School Nursing

    Haha wow look how far we've come! Thanks for sharing! That was cute.
  13. Blue_Moon

    Teacher appreciation week...

    That's amazing! I'm glad you did that and made the office staff uncomfortable on their behalf. I'm sure you made all those nurses' day!
  14. Blue_Moon

    Teacher appreciation week...

    I think we could be sisters! I am currently looking as well. I also have trouble with confrontation but I will stand up for myself. I just don't feel like I should have to throw a fit or file a grievance to make changes. I just think that's ridiculous. I do go to my principal and air my grievances and am promised changes but yet nothing every happens. It's pretty evident in this county everyone can and does whatever they want and I'm over it. I'm no longer at a place where I need this schedule so I feel it's time for me to move on as well.
  15. Blue_Moon

    Teacher appreciation week...

    I have gotten three handmade cards from kids this week so far and one parent even gave me a fast food gift card which made my week. Ok so when I first started here they gave the secretary, principal and me a $25 gift card on our days. (Well the secretary and principal also got flowers but hey at least I was recognized!) This was the first school that recognized me like that. Then last year they put in the treasury announcements they had given me a gift card and the teacher in charge said I'll get it to you soon as she gave me a greeting card. I never did see that gift card and I felt weird asking about it. This year, nada. So I guess I've been dropped. Our PTO always includes all the staff in teacher appreciation week which is nice and they always make sure I have something to eat because I can't usually eat until after everyone else is done so that's sweet and makes me feel like I'm not forgotten. How awful of that teacher to make comments they have to "share" their goodies. What an awful attitude! I agree as a school nurse you sure don't get much appreciation esp for all the stuff we do that's not even our job like fixing glasses, repairing shoes, etc etc... It's nice we have each other and I appreciate each and every one of you! Happy National School Nurse's Day! If I could I'd take you all out to eat!
  16. Agree! When the rash from the antibiotic starts causing lips and face to swell then yes the antibiotic can hurt the patient. I've seen it happen.

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