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  1. Kwak94

    Resume advice for new grad

    Gotcha. Thank you so much
  2. Kwak94

    Resume advice for new grad

    Resume 123.docx Hello I am graduating December of this year and wanted to put a resume together so I can start applying to jobs a few weeks prior to graduation. I really did not know what to put for clinical exp. so I just thought of some of the things I did and I put something together. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the usual schedule for the SCCC nursing program. Reason I am asking is because I get off of work at 7 AM and want to know what days I need to change around. I heard clinicals start earlier but classes start 8AMish. Thanks
  4. Kwak94

    Is nursing right for me?

    Hi I'm currently in the marine corp as an infantryman, I plan on getting out after serving my term and I was wondering if nursing would be a right career path to go down. I really enjoy helping people and I feel like nursing would be a good way to do that. I also read that nurses are under appreciated and not really recognized, in my current job I am also treated like this so you could say Im used to it thank you