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  1. I guess that I somewhat echo the OP's question; I thought in RN programs they still had a surgical rotation. What I mean is that nurses used to assist in the OR with cleaning, handing tools and such. Have surgical techs taken over that position now?
  2. Parakeet

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    Honestly, in my experience, it may be more of a learning style than anything else. I used to be an A student, since I've been in nursing, I have been a B/C student. On the other hand, my clinical grades have increased as I have progressed, because I learn by hands on. I think perhaps it is more an application of knowledge that determines grades. For someone who excels in book larnin', they may excel more than in clinicals; doesn't mean they are a bad floor nurse, just means that their best form of applying their knowledge comes out in a different way. You cannot generalise, our class as A students exceptional in class and clinical, and for me, I was bad in both until I got used to it! Interesting seeing different perspectives.
  3. Parakeet

    Differences in US nursing vs the rest of the world

    Well! I wish I could have done nursing in a program like you describe! For me, it is so hard to comprehend the theory side, which seems to be the emphasis in the US. I learn best by hands on during clinicals; it would be amazing to have as many clinical hours as you do.
  4. Parakeet

    Boldness to Speak

    Frankly, none of these responses offend me! You can choose to be offended; I am not judging anyone on this forum, I am just putting out an encouragement for other Christians to be bold about their faith. Jesus did say that people would be offended by His name, so I am not worried. I think I did state in my OP that I will pray with pts when they ask. I do not try to push my faith on them, however, if I see an opportunity that the pt offers, I will take it. My classmates were actually very appreciative of the gifts. Whether or not they read the Gospel tracts is not for me to know; I just pray for them. If they had chosen to refuse the gift, it would be their choice and I would be fine with that. No, I would not be able to participate in another religion's customs. Why? Because there is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ. I can, however, respect their customs without having to agree with them. I do just use words when giving the Gospel, however, I also use my lifestyle. I try to act in a manner that would show Christ to my patients. Believe me, I have many areas which the LORD is still working to make me more like Him! I think I just try to love my patients no matter what. Thanks ya'll for the responses! By the way, if I included something answering particularly to a post, but not quoted, I'm sorry, but I do not know how to use the quote feature yet!
  5. Parakeet

    Boldness to Speak

    I wanted to write this as an encouragement to other believers in the LORD Jesus Christ, that there are opportunities to give the Gospel in nursing. I am in my last semester of a nursing program. It is at a technical college, and none of my classmates seem to be Christians. A few perhaps in name, but language and life do not line up. I had a desire to give the Gospel to every one of my classmates as well as my teachers, but the possibility of being able to speak personally with them for any length of time while completing nursing school just did not seem to be a possibility. I decided that at the end of my previous semester, I could make gift packages with homemade soap, small gifts and a Gospel tract. I was able to give these to my classmates and teachers, and I also plan, LORD willing, to give them to the incoming nursing class as well. For my patients, I have been able to pray with a couple of them based on their request. I have had patients ask me why I treat them the way I do - in other words, I think and hope that Jesus Christ is shining through - and they want to know what it is in me that loves them no matter what. I think it all depends on your circumstances and how far you are willing to go. I just try to tell my patients about Jesus whenever I can - whenever they want me to. I hope maybe this can encourage someone. As days are getting darker and the second coming of Jesus is closer than ever, I think we will have a higher price to pay for sharing our faith. Perhaps it is better to make it a habit now when it is easier than later. May the LORD Jesus embolden us that we would not be ashamed of Him when real persecution comes. Might be unpopular to write, but so what! It is not me that counts, only Him! :)
  6. Parakeet

    The film: Vaxxed.

    If vaccines are not 100% effective, what is the use of getting them? 'Cause then you have to get a booster, then another booster when they run out. I just don't get the logic: You shouldn't not vaccinate your kids, because they might get sick or someone else sick, but if you vaccinate your kids, it is not always effective so they still may get sick or get someone else sick?!?!
  7. Parakeet

    The film: Vaxxed.

    BTW, I have not actually seen this film, I am just posting about vaccines in general. Don't you think that someone who actually dares to question the status quo and do "unpopular" research might actually be showing signs of a working mind, meaning that they are not just accepting what is handed to them? When the relatively small band of Patriots dared to challenge and revolt against Britain in 1776, they were considered crazy by other countries, yet they won their freedom. What has happened to our American spirit of independence that now anyone who questions the norm is considered "insane"? Just my two cents! :)
  8. Parakeet

    The film: Vaxxed.

    I have to agree with Rocknurse about freedom of choice related to vaccines. I don't understand why pro-vaccers are so militant - I have heard people say that anti vaccers should be sterilised, their children taken away, have the parents thrown in jail - why? It just does not seem logical. Here is the argument I have gotten. Perhaps you can enlighten me. An unvaccinated child contracts, say chickenpox, but goes to school before diagnosis. According to my classmates, that child is a danger to their classmates who were previously vaccinated. Why? Should not their vaccination give them immunity from chickenpox? Logically, it will affect the child, but only pass on minor effects, if any to the previously vaccinated children. Yet people I know say, "the should call defax, parents arrested, waivers made of no value," and other such things. Why? I know that there are some vaccines that have helped humanity, but the majority that are pushed today, I simply cannot agree to. If I had to move out of country to raise my children normally without getting arrested for "negligence", or other such nonsense, then so be it. Also, just to bite, anti vaccers are not anti-science. We look at research studies that are just not popular because they might change people's minds about the medical system. Don't get upset, its fun to debate!
  9. Parakeet

    Nurse Bullying

    believeallispossible, I don't think the examples you brought up from nursing school are valid examples of bullying. Guess what, I think it is called life. Anyone who has gone through nursing school can tell you that it is worlds different from high school. Getting good grades in high school does not guarantee you an easy ride through nursing school. I was a 3.8 in college prereqs, when I started nursing courses, I was in the C's. My instructors seemed like fearsome, terrifying people who knew everything to be had about nursing. Now, I see their support and kindness in actually letting us students learn for ourselves. I see nothing wrong in evaluating a student's learning ability. I had to come to grips with the fact that I am slower than others and may take longer - but not to box myself in. How many times I have been told I'm slow, that I can only work in certain areas, that I might not be in the right field, has just been impetus to help me overcome any limitations. The best quality for a student is to be able to take constructive criticism and to use it to build a foundation off of which to grow. And lastly, though this may be personal to me, don't hold bullying against people. That just creates bitterness and resentment and can ruin you and stunt your opportunity to excel and build rapport with your coworkers.
  10. Just as an encouragement, some instructors may be willing to work with you. I have eyesight issues, so seeing PERRLA, skin changes can be difficult, as well as hearing issues with heart and lung sounds. My instructors were willing to work with me, but I had to do the footwork. I bought myself a non-electronic amplified stethoscope, which works some of the time, but I cannot afford an electronic one now. If they see that you are willing to work hard and compensate for disability by excelling in other areas, than they may be more understanding. Best of wishes to you!
  11. Parakeet

    Jacob Rockstar-RN Psych Nurse Action Figure

    Can a nursing student have a therapeutic intervention as well? I am starting psych rotations next semester. I am afraid it won't fly with me. What advice would you give? Parakeet
  12. Parakeet

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    True story: My brother and some of his friends had a get together and I was there. They had two kinds of coke: regular coke and coke zero. I told all of them that I learned aspartame is the result of feeding ecoli toxic waste. Needless to say, no one drank the coke zero!
  13. Parakeet

    What is it like working in an urgent care clinic?

    Thank you! That does not sound too bad, actually! I am looking for a place that is somewhat slower than hospital, but where I can keep my skill up.
  14. I was wondering what it is like working in an urgent care clinic. I take it is slower than the ER? Since I have graduation coming up this spring, I am looking into non-hospital jobs out there. For those who are familiar with urgent care clinics, what do you do? What is a regular day like, it that may be asked? Could an LPN work in one? Thanks for any input you can give!
  15. Parakeet

    Nurses aren't maids!

    This thread really saddened me. Though you may call me unprofessional, and may say that I should never be a nurse, I disagree with the majority of opinions on this post. For me, nursing is a calling. I am going to show compassion for my patients and support to their families no matter what. Yes, if extra duties are asked for, it they are not unreasonable, and they do not get in the way of patient care, I will do what I can to help. I do not find it demeaning. To bring in the spirituality factor, Jesus did wash His disciples feet. If the LORD of all creation could demonstrate such compassion on humankind, then surely the least I can do is go above and beyond what I normally do. I am sorry for those who have had bad experiences and have taken advantage of. But like ventmommy stated, sometimes it is just the little things that can make a vast difference in our work. Flame me if you will, but that is my stand, and I will never back down. Sincerely, Parakeet
  16. Parakeet

    Where are the tears?

    This is a lovely article, thank you so much. As the elderly population is growing, and nursing is becoming a business, we need to never lose that touch, that heart for the people we serve. As a Christian, I know nursing will never just be a job for me. For me, it is all about showing the love of Jesus to others. As I look forward to when I finish nursing school, I want to be able to spend time with my patients, to sing for them if they want, to read to them, to just be there for them and their families. I think that even if we don't cry every time with our patients and their families, to just be there, to show sympathy. I don't think it shows a lack of heart, I think we need to be strong when others are weak. If we go to pieces, it may not be much help. I understand where you are coming from: I am not the most emotional person out there, and it can be difficult to express my feelings. I just do my best, depending on the situation. For me, it makes me sad that even through all their pain, because of my job, I am not allowed to point them to Jesus, the One who wept at Lazarus' tomb. Thank you again for your loving and caring heart. I have really been touched by this article. I never ever want to get hard, and treat each patient as a burden, or just a duty. Luke 21:28