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    Lied to in Interview

    You are currently on orientation along with probation. This is both you AND the company. There is nothing wrong with resigning or rescinding the offer at the rehab facility and following up on your dream job. Let them know why you are rescinding. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!
  2. 1burback1

    Looking for a warmer change

    Gulf coast area, Orlando area, Panhandle area conservative neighborhood feel. I make agency pay now and would be looking for something comparable.
  3. 1burback1

    Looking for a warmer change

    I am currently an agency nurse in Wisconsin. I really like my employer and the contracts that I get around south eastern Wisconsin. I am looking for information on nursing in Florida. Like average salary, living expenses, housing situation, taxes, etc. I am also looking for information from any agency nurses that reside in Florida. Are you getting alot of assignments close to home? Any information would be great! Thanks, Jason, RN