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  1. kristimarieSC

    I hate nursing

    I believe your answer is extremely clear. You've been misreble for 12 years, why would you dig your whole deeper by becoming an RN? If this was recent burn out, I would agree with the other posters about finding a different niche of nursing that would better suit you, but I think you've gotten all there is to get out of your old profession. The scars are too deep. You need a fresh start in life at this point. You deserve to be happy, and your current path just isn't providing you that. My biggest piece of advice for you, though, is to see a counselor! Many people have suggested in already for your traumatic experience, but beyond that, they are WONDERFUL people for helping you take control of your life and find your true self. I've always seen myself as a very happy and stable person, but when life circumstances allowed me the opportunity to see a counselor, I realized that broken people don't need counselors, we ALL DO. I found immense value in it, and I hope you will as well!
  2. kristimarieSC

    Shoe recommendations

    Thank you all SO much!! I've done some research, and I think I'm going to take one poster's advice and attempt to invest in both. I'll just keep the other pair in a basket in my locker. And by the way, a few of you mentioned compression socks? I'm such a huge lover of compression socks, and I purchased about 5 more pairs before posting :)! They are god's gift to nurses, and I love having them in tons of crazy colors. I'll also keep the suggestion in mind about the seat heat. I'm moving to the Midwest from Southern California for this job, so for my back and cold weather, it's a top notch idea. After reading a few replies, I started going more research about what is available as far as shoes, and bought a $80 athletic shoe favored by nurses on sale for $30, so that leaves some wiggle room in the budget for another pair of danskos or similar alternative shoe. I appreciate everyone's time and opinions. I loved reading every one! They were all very helpful.
  3. kristimarieSC

    Shoe recommendations

    I just accepted my first nursing job in Labor and Delivery. While my scrubs are provided, I obviously need to purchase shoes. I had a pair of hideous white nursing clogs in nursing school that I got rid of, and am getting ready to invest in the first pair that I am able to choose. Any advice on brands, styles or words of wisdom? While I am more a fan of the running shoe type style, am I asking for trouble in such a messy area? I know in my OR rotations all the nurses wore clog style, I assume because of spills and cleanliness. Should I adhere to this because I'll be assisting in C-sections as well? I just want to be comfy, and I don't want to waste money on a nice pair that are wrong for my unit!
  4. kristimarieSC

    BRN (CA) application help

    No, mine was RN and online, but either way, if you haven't submitted the paperwork to them before, you don't have an established application number.
  5. kristimarieSC

    BRN (CA) application help

    Yup! I did the usual, passed in 75 but was certain I failed until I saw my license number! Haha I do t know why nursing students all do that!
  6. kristimarieSC

    BRN (CA) application help

    I found its not given because there is no application. So leave it blank! I did and my app went through fine!
  7. kristimarieSC

    Relocating to Rapid City

    OHHHH :) Thank you!!! I'm loving the insight! they aren't all shapeless coats either. LOVE it. Thanks so much!!!
  8. kristimarieSC

    Relocating to Rapid City

    Thanks so much for the reply! I'm definitely going to take your advice in that one! I'm a little terrified because I know I'll need a coat before I get there, but there isn't anywhere to buy a coat that is Midwestern winter caliber in my area! Well most likely be moving during the winter.
  9. kristimarieSC

    Relocating to Rapid City

    I'm a Southern California new grad, and am seriously considering relocating to Rapid City so my husband and I can be closer to his family. I would like to work in acute care, and my absolute dream would be L&D, Postpartum or anything related, as I'd like to return to school for my CNM within the next few years. Can anyone give me advice on which facilities to start looking for work, know of any hospitals hiring, or have any hook ups? Any advice at all about Rapid would be wonderful, as not only am I a new nurse, but also have never lived anywhere but southern California!
  10. kristimarieSC

    Short Graduation Speech

    Thank you!! After a few hours, I think it hammered it out! I very much appreciate you're input :)
  11. kristimarieSC

    Short Graduation Speech

    We're to write a 1 minute "personal statement" of sorts to be read while being pinned. The only mandatory content is thanking my scholarship benefactors. I'm thinking I'd like to go in a more funny and memorable direction because 38 "I'd like to thank my parents, significant other, and friends" will most certainly get dull. Any ideas? HELP! I've been staring at my paper for about 45 minutes...blank. Snippets, quotes, free prose, and general ideas all welcome :)
  12. kristimarieSC

    High TEAS test scores, low GPA

    EVERY school is different. So contact your chosen programs and ask was the average GPA has been for the last few cohorts. Personally, I am in an ADN program at a southern California community college and usually we range from 3.8-3.9 GPA's consistently every semester. I was wait-listed, and eventually admitted with a 3.7 and 91% TEAS.
  13. kristimarieSC

    Im 17 and want to become an np

    You are most definitely putting the cart before the horse!!! step 1. TURN YOUR GRADES AROUND. there is not use in wanting to be a nurse if you cannot buckle down and pass classes with A's. This being said, getting bad grades in high school won't end your nursing path. If you go to community college, and get stellar grades from then on out, you might be back on track! I TOTALLY back your idea of getting your ADN first from community college. Its affordable, and a great education!! Work on that FIRST before you even think about NP. Once you are a working RN with an associates, you'll have money coming in, and be self-sufficient. Then you can think about the more expensive and daunting NP programs. But for now, think SMALL and only make your goal to get into your local community college nursing program. Meet with their counselors and WORK HARD. Grades count!!
  14. kristimarieSC

    PRN medication documentation

    My class has not focused on hand-written documentation because of the decreased need with click and scroll charting. I now have a clinical instructor who values hand written documentation and find myself at a loss. I need to submit an example of in-depth PRN med admin documentation, but am finding resources that cover things like SOAP notes deal more with patient assessment than action. Can anyone help me with either a good example, or a resource that can help me master the skill? I would be super grateful!
  15. kristimarieSC

    Owi stupid mistake. Where to go from here?

    Thank the lord you do not live in California! Basically if the program doesn't kick you out, the clinical sites can choose not to accept you and it takes 1-2 years with a lawyer to hash it out with the BRN so you can test. I dont want to beat you up anymore, but honestly, this isn't far in your past when you were a wayward teen. You are now held to a higher standard. If you can make this mistake now, knowing the level of responsibility you hold, what will keep you from making a mistake at work that risks someone's life in the future? I really think you should take a semester off and do some soul searching. Stuff like that doesn't just happen. You made a decision. It's time to figure out why you made that decision so that one day you'll be a wonderful and responsible nurse. You aren't a bad person, but you need to be smart enough to go BEYOND admitting fault, that's just not enough. You need to understand why it happened.