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  1. shock-me-sane

    6-week summer chem?

    I didn't do a chem class in 6 weeks, but did a biology. I managed it well while working full time. Got an A and This was before I actually applied to NS though. After that I did several courses over the summer (5 weeks) and got awesome grades in all ...
  2. shock-me-sane

    4.0 all four semesters?

    I don't know to be honest. Not a single person in my class made it through with a 4.0. Our first quarter the highest grade was a B+, so that pretty much made that not possible for everyone. I hope you are able to do it. Study hard and learn what your...
  3. shock-me-sane

    Support of students after a code/unusual event

    I got to experience several codes as a student. But they were on my job in the ICU. I worked nights so when someone coded there weren't a 100 med students around so I got to be involved. I watched one, bagged the second, did compressions on the third...
  4. shock-me-sane

    HOPKINS: 20 minutes into the show

    I had high hopes about this show. But they fell short. The only reason that I did like it was the real life situations of the patients. And I don't think this will make it in the general public. Not enough drama for them.
  5. shock-me-sane

    selling ATI books?

    ATI was helpful in testing, yes. What I hated about the program was the fact that we got graded based on the tests rather than it just being a tool. We did not do virtual ATI.
  6. shock-me-sane

    selling ATI books?

    I was just wondering if anyone had success selling their ATI books/DVDs on ebay or elsewhere? I don't want to keep the things and really need a couple bucks. Thanks.
  7. shock-me-sane

    Answer for Uni

    I think of ICU as critcal care and acute care as more of the basic hospital floors. I notice you are in England though so it may not translate.
  8. shock-me-sane

    Burning Of The Uniforms.....

    we did the uniform burning and it was awesome. Also burned a copy or two of our leadership book. We had an instructor that was horrid. It was very cathartic. pic of a burning book
  9. shock-me-sane

    Are you scared of a dead person?

    when you see dead people it isn't in the morgue (you take them there), so it isn't like movies you see of pulling bodies out of the fridge and such. I don't mind dead people. A lot of times it is actually kinda cool. Most of the ones that I have seen...
  10. shock-me-sane

    Sigma Theta Tau?

    yup, it is an awesome thing. Do it!
  11. shock-me-sane

    How will I do this...?

    oh wow, that really breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Spend time with your mom, bring your school junk and do your work there. Go to class/clinicals and spend the rest with her. It's okay to need her too. I am way grown and don't have the ...
  12. shock-me-sane

    My hands shake!

    I used to shake a ton. Once I somehow managed to "throw" a syringe when I was trying to draw up a med in front of my instructor. Thankfully it was at the med cart and she didn't give me a hard time. I found mine had a lot to do with performance anxie...
  13. shock-me-sane

    Student Athletes Nursing

    I would say that it would be close to impossible. One of my friends was a part of the D2 softball team and had to quit so she could complete NS. The time and travel involved in sports will be a hinderance to getting done what you need. The nursing pr...
  14. shock-me-sane

    Working Night Shift and School

    I worked the night shift through school. If my class was scheduled in the afternoon I could get away with sleeping until noon and then going to class. Any earlier, I wouldn't work the night before. Night shift is exhausting especially as a CNA. Make ...
  15. shock-me-sane

    May/June 2008 Grads!!

    I graduated on Saturday and had my pinning on monday. such a great freaking feeling!