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  1. hyhero89

    PA catheter and parameters

    Offlabel / Clearly understood. Thanks for your advice!
  2. hyhero89

    PA catheter and parameters

    Hello all. I am working in MICU and also studying critical care nursing. As far as I know, It's a trend that PA catheter is not used anymore as much as it used to be in the past. But my question is, when you study cardiovascular chapter in the books, a large proportion of contents still covers hemodynamic parameters which can be obtained by PA catheter. (PAOP, Pumonary artery pressure, PAd, PAs, etc.) So I am kind of lost how much I should put my efforts into this topics. (I know I need to study hard but I don't think I can digest all the stuffs without some efficiency!) Thank you so much for reading this.
  3. Hi all. I am currently working in MICU in trauma level 1. I am an ex-Nursing officer/BLS instructor in the Airforce back in foreign country. I have been wondering if it'd be any help to maintain my BLS certification or not to get accepted to CRNA school. I know it's best to directly contact and ask the school I am interested in but I wanted to hear your thoughts on it as well. Thank you all for reading this. Enjoy the rest of weekend.
  4. hyhero89

    Top Nursing Errors

    I've heard this terrible story about an error an RN made ; a medication injected into EVD line, which was supposed to be given IV. And You know what happened. This alleged stupidiest error still gives me chills
  5. Hi. I am a male nurse from outside of U.S. And currently serving as military nurse officer. Straight to the point, I'm hoping to get a job(acute care hopefully) in the U.S. in the near future. Here's my job experience since the graduation from my BSN program(Korea) 2014~2015 : 1 year of med-surg floor in military hospital 2015~now : instructor who teaches initial actions in the trauma-related emergency for the entire nation's active airforcemen (also have BLS instructor and open BLS provider courses regularly) May, 2017 : discharge from the military service It is presumed that my clinical experience is relatively short and not enough to get the type of job I want. My english is not perfect, but I'm working on it very hard, and will get ACLS provider before 2017. Might I have a chance to be a nurse in the U.S. who I'm wanting to be?
  6. hyhero89

    prospect of crna

    you see, student.. when you ask this kind of question, not a small number of CRNA or SRNA will feel insulted.. so my suggestion is, graduate your school and be a rn first. p.s. and Dont embarass korean nurses please.
  7. hyhero89

    question about surfactant.

    I'm not sure this question is to be on this category. I am studying the respiratory physiology, and this statement is making me disturbed. 'If there were not surfactant secreted by type2 cell of alveoli, the alveoli will be collapsed. Because of the increased surface tension.' from above sentence, I know what the surfactant is, what it does but I wonder how increased surface tension makes alveoli collapsed. I mean, from physical point of mechanism. When alveoli collapse With increased surface tension, do they just tear apart? Like balloon? It would be very thankful if you give physical explanation of collapsing of alveoli
  8. hyhero89

    question regarding the pressure inside of pleural space

    Vandydani / thank you very much for your detailed explanation first! But I don' get it still especially the part 'the pleural pressure is negative so it makes lungs open'... maybe I should check the whole respiratory mechanism?
  9. hyhero89

    a simple question about sats.

    God.. thanks you two flyingscot and vanilla bean. haven't thought of functional hemo and non functional hemo... it was really helpful! Oh and flyingscot, link 18285 attachment doesn't work
  10. hi I am a nurse on ward. I was just looking through thoracic cage anatomy And this sentence needs to be understood to me. "subatmospheric pressure in pleural space is responsible for continued expansion of lungs" you can just explain it to me or suggest any link that may help. thanks for your attention.
  11. hyhero89

    a simple question about sats.

    thank you first. will read anyminute!
  12. hyhero89

    a simple question about sats.

    still struggling here. but thanks for the link.
  13. hyhero89

    a simple question about sats.

    then this statement is false? SpO2 stands for Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation. It is an estimation of the oxygen saturation level. I think it can be said that p stands for pulse oximetry (Just for convenience maybe?) not peripheral capillary...
  14. hyhero89

    a simple question about sats.

    Hi. I am a nurse on ward. straight to the subject, I am looking through books to study o2 saturation and this thought just popped up in my head. a pulse oximetry is used to measure SaO2, while the clip is applied to the patient's fingertip,right? So the question is,how the pulse oxi measures arterial blood gas when there's no artery at fingertips? quite a dumb question huh? Help
  15. hyhero89

    Is there any way of raising GPA after graduation?(sorry)

    Does that mean I have to register for another school or college? I mean it's a bit frightening to do so.. lots of courses and financial matter and all.. Is there more of a less-time consuming and cheaper way to get it? Like the one that you can attend just 4 hours per week for one course...or online course if any? I really want to add some As, but don't want to get another whole bachelor degree