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  1. brinksta

    Pediatric Psych - HELP

    I am a pediatric psych nurse at an in patient facility serving ages 5-17. I am looking for ideas that have helped other nurses in their own facilities. Safety ideas, things to keep kids entertained, ways to avoid holds and seclusions? Just brain storming.
  2. I have interest in both FNP and Psych NP. Should I do FNP first and Psych NP after?
  3. brinksta

    FNP Oversaturation

    I am in school for FNP. I keep hearing that it will be hard to find a job because of how many people are doing FNP. This has got me thinking I should maybe switch specialites. Is this gonna be a real problem? I live in a rural area and don't mind working here.
  4. brinksta

    Switching from FNP to Psych NP

    I Am almost finished with my first class in my FNP program. I am working in a psych hospital and absolutely love it. I am thinking about switching. What classes will usually transfer to other schools? Here is my curriculum. I just got done with the first class (ETHICS) and I am about to start the second. NUR 510 Moral & Ethical Decision Making (residency) (2) NUR 522 Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Practice (3) NUR 532 Role Development & Leadership (3) NUR 551 Applied Research Methods (3) NUR 612 Advanced Pathophysiology (3) NUR 618 Advanced Pharmacology (3) NUR 602 Advanced History & Physical Exam (residency) (3) NUR 693 Population Health (3) NUR 683 Health Policy (3)
  5. brinksta

    Spring Arbor FNP program

    I thought this program lasted almost 3 years?
  6. brinksta

    Walden FNP August 2017

    Everyone is different. There will be some people that succeed. The requirements to be accepted are a joke. I am not bashing the people that go there because the school doesn't necessarily make you or break you. We all should be concerned of schools like this because we are flooding the market with people that maybe aren't the "best". It makes our profession look bad. There is a reason these other schools require a 3.0 minimum, references and an essay.
  7. brinksta

    Spring Arbor FNP program

  8. brinksta

    I really need advice

  9. How long does it usually take?
  10. brinksta

    I really need advice

    6 months ICU and you are coming off a neuro psych floor? LOL
  11. brinksta

    I really need advice

    NP school with no RN experience. This is the reason that NP's are starting to get a bad reputation. A school that would accept a new grad into an NP program is very concerning. This is oversaturating the field and bringing in NP's with no RN experience. I suggest working full time as an RN for at least a year before applying to programs. This is why the job market will continue to worsen...
  12. I plan on buying a nice stethoscope and an anatomy book. Any recommendations?
  13. brinksta

    FNP Oversaturation

    Becoming an FNP and working in a clinic is something I always wanted to do since starting my BSN. I have heard from people that its not a good field because it's becoming oversaturated and will be hard to find a job? Is this true? I live in a more rural area? Will this mean it will be easier to find a job?
  14. brinksta

    My Chances of Getting Accepted?

    \ FNP or Psych NP