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    Outcome Management Discussion

    According to Huber, outcome management is "multidisciplinary process designed to provide quality health care, decrease fragmentation, enhance outcomes, and constrain costs" (2010). This research provides us with data to help nurses understand the impact of their practice on health care as well as evaluate interventions. As senior nursing students, we were assigned through our leadership course to study outcomes management. Like many of my peers, we have been assigned to post questions in on an online nursing discussion board relating to the process of outcome management. We hope to gather responses from professional nurses to better understand the importance of outcome management in our future practice. 1. What is your organization's guiding principles or beliefs on implementing outcome management? 2. Do you feel that outcome management a common occurrence in our health care system today? 3. How have you, as a nursing professional, been impacted or has utilized outcome management in practice? Huber, D. (2010). Leadership and nursing care management. Maryland Heights, Mo: Saunders.