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  1. Futurenurse217

    Have faith and don't ever give up!!!!

    WOW, this story had me in tears because I am going through the exact same thing. I have taken the NCLEX 2 times now and each time my parents have pressured me into setting a date. I was also an average student in school but have always dreamed of having a career as a nurse. I plan to take my third try within a month or two but beyond scared! Not to mention I have extreme test anxiety as well!
  2. Futurenurse217

    Failed NCLEX-RN twice, need advice and encouragement!

    @scaredsilly Thank you so much. That is a great idea. I was also thinking of writing this email to my ati tutor and letting my parents read her response. I do not want to take the NCLEX again until I get the green light from ATI. However, I do need advice on test anxiety as well. I forgot to mention it above, but I get severe anxiety now that I have failed twice.
  3. Hi guys, so I graduated with an AS in nursing at a school in florida and have now taken the NCLEX-RN test twice. Before my first exam, my school offered the Virtual ATI course so I started with that but did not like the format because I am a hands on and visual learner. Therefore, I did Kaplan. Kaplan was only a 3 days course and the rest was online so I stuck with that and took my first test. I failed and was devastated. I took a few weeks off and decided to get back to studying. I still live at home and able to study a lot, however I have two issues: I get distracted easily or cannot focus after more than 4 hrs at a time (yes i take breaks in between) and also my parents are not understanding that I cannot rush into taking this test. The second time around, I took Kaplan again and got a friend to tutor me. I felt a lot more confident this time around but again my parents pressured me into picking a test date and refused to let me change the date, so in that case I failed againnnn and was even more devastated. Failing twice broke all my confidence down and now I am terrified of this test. I am taking the virtual ATI now and almost done, however I have major pressure once again from my parents. Why can't they understand I rather take my time and grasp the material, than rush and fail again!? I need some advice please!