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    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I just started a new job on Monday and had social media training yesterday. The training was very detailed and explicit, as I am sure most social media training modules are in our current culture. I don't post about work on Facebook, I saw someone get fired for an error in judgment a few years ago and I just don't go there, ever. Never worth it. Honestly, I think people want to go viral until they do for the reasons they didn't expect. We are free to say what we want, but we shouldn't be surprised if there are consequences. I agree that his post was probably seen by a social media person from his own facility; they are part of the big nursing groups like SMYS or Nurses with Cards, you'd better believe it! That's a huge part of their job. I wish Josh all the best and I hope he finds new work soon.
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    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    No. If scrubs wrinkle after washing and drying, I avoid that brand. (Also former military, 66HM5/66T. :))
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    Full Practice Authority

    Similar — my husband graduates from an MD program in 8 months, and we have been married since he was working on undergrad; I had already been an RN for five years when we met. Watching him go through the MCAT study, application process, interviewing, and acceptance was bad enough! Now we're looking at residency applications and interviews, it feels like the beginning all over again, hahaha. Seeing his journey through med school really made me not want to pursue NP in its current state of education requirements. I find it disheartening when non-physicians claim that their education and training is the same as an MD's. It simply isn't. That doesn't make it bad! Everyone can make a contribution to patient care. @traumaRUs, I really appreciate your viewpoint on what FPA means. I just hope less experienced APRNs will embrace your philosophy too!
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    Tennessee Tech 2nd degreee BSN 2020

    I have moved your post to the school/college forum to ensure maximum responses. Good luck!
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    Please help with pediatric dosage calculation

    Common core invades nursing. We are in big trouble.
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    Info on Neuro ICU

    Do your NIH stroke scale training, you will have to know that well. I am pretty sure it's still free training online. What will your acuity be like? Have you ever had to manage ICP monitors or EVDs?
  7. Things I have heard in the ED: "RN does not mean Real Nice." "RN does not mean Refreshments and Narcotics." Perhaps said to less-than-nice patients...
  8. I would like to see U.N.S.T.A.B.L.E. on a badge.
  9. Badge, color coded scrubs, actually telling the patient that you are their nurse, and then they still don't know who the nurses are. Lol.
  10. Oh my. On a badge? How did they talk the badge-makers into that?! Lol. I guess the badge people don't know any better.
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    Not only that, but actually seeing it in action!
  12. Come on, peeps... We should all know that ACLS and PALS and BLS and TNCC and two-day courses don't earn a spot with your professional credentials. Personally, I like just MSN, RN on my badge. No, I wouldn't include my ASN or BSN, though I have those. I have ED certs (CEN, CPEN, and TCRN), and for those I might wear a pin. I also have my certified nurse educator (CNE), but that is more of an academic credential so that one isn't as relevant at my full-time job. (Definitely at my part-time teaching job, though.) When I had been an ED RN (new nurse) for 10 months, I attempted and passed the CEN. I had that added to my badge, and my accomplishment inspired several of my ED's experienced but un-certified RNs to do the same. Our environment (plus clinical ladder) fostered this kind of behavior and pride. OP, if you are the first, be proud and inspire your peeps!
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    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Oooooh, I agree! Best brand ever. Even when I couldn't wear them due to color restrictions (), I didn't get rid of them — I usually take my outdated scrubs to donation places, but not those!
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    Why am I 16?

    Now I have "The Sound of Music" in my head... "I am 16, going on 17...“
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    Why am I 16?

    Aha! I am going to summon the almighty @Joe V for this one! Lol. Or @sirI Edited to add: well that was quick! @JKL33, I do have that power, but I suspect it was Madam sirI.
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    Why am I 16?

    I suspect the number has to do with the number of posts. We're both 16 (tee hee) with the same range of posts.
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    Why am I 16?

    Hmmmmm. A puzzle!
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    Active Shooting Event: How Should Nurses Respond?

    I kept an expired 28 fr thoracic trochar in my office for self-defense. Very pointy. I am perfectly serious. I learned while deployed that I face situations head-on, so if I got to the "fight" part of the "run-hide-fight" triad, I would defend myself and my peeps with extreme prejudice. My Army hospital had a situation with a behavioral health patient arriving with a bag of guns. Luckily no one was injured, but I know some of the people at gunpoint ended up with post-traumatic stress.
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    Post Partum VS. L&D

    I am going to go back to your original post and the commute — I think something that is half the commute time and in a specialty likely to be more relevant to future goals is probably the better choice, as long as that pay is workable for your living situation. Best of luck!
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    Nursing is really a dangerous profession

    I am reading this as a nursing home (or similar) resident, or did the OP mean resident physician?
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    right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    Haha, and I am crazy enough to want another baby at my age, but my cardiologist might kill me. The husband is doing well, in 4th year and declared Emergency Medicine (yay!). Great to "see" you!
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    RN Recognition & Respect

    You said "in an effort to facilitate comparable benefits bestowed to other respected professions," therefore inviting comparison by wanting similar benefits. However, as it has been pointed out, those other professions rarely make the same income as RNs, so why should RNs enjoy the same discounts? Usually it's just a small percentage (like 10%) anyway. I will happily take my free annual Chipotle burrito, though!
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    RN Recognition & Respect

    True story. My pay pretty much doubled after I went from paramedic to RN and had a year of time as a nurse.
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    right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    Glad you are OK. I saw that happen — we realized the other RN in the room gave the epi IV instead of IM when the patient got really pale and went into a run of vtach. The doc and I looked at each other and we just instantly knew, I ran for some amio, but by the time I got back (very short time as the med room was close), the patient broke out of it. He had youth on his side! I tell you what — that nurse was never the same after. It weighed on her and she second-guessed herself for a long time after. I know that it probably doesn't help, but I am sure he/she learned a valuable lesson. This patient had no lasting issues that we ever knew about, thank goodness. Just as a reminder to the peanut gallery: no legal advice, please. I love you peanuts, but unless one of you is a lawyer and wants this case, please refrain.
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    Break from nursing? What would you do?

    I did mine at Excelsior and Chamberlain, but I know so many people who have had an excellent experience with WGU, and not to mention paid far less. I had active duty tuition caps and my GI Bill for my MSNs, so they weren't expensive for me at all. Yes, the STEM extension! My husband is a medical student and veteran who saved his GI Bill for medical school, and he is about to run out of time. Eeeeek. Med school is expensive! He applied for the STEM extension, fingers crossed! My IP job was at a local academic center, but will now be PRN from home, just like 7-10 hours a week. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! I would love to have another kiddo, but at 47 ... haha. Probably not happening!