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    Need Advice! Starting second half of clinical rotation next week!

    Hi, [COLOR=#222222]Yes,I failed because I was unprepared,We all shadowed a PSW on thefirst week, mine didnt use best practice when caring for our clientsat the time. I thought that since she d dnt use best practice, iwouldnt have to.. foolish mistake! I guess I was looking at theplacement as more of a "free-labor" for the LTC thananything. I wanted to be fast and on the ball like she was.. i meanwhat's the point of shadowing someone if we're not going to be usingthe same skills? Isn't that the whole point of shadowing someone? Soi was told to review my notes on hygiene and transfers, i thought iwas fine with hygiene, and that all i had to worry about wastransfers, guess not... I was then put on a student success plan lol,which at the time i thought was really more of adiscouragement.. [COLOR=#222222]Reflectingon it now, I just look at it all as a blessing in disguise. I wasn'treally prepared for my first clinical placement. But I did learn [COLOR=#222222]alot[COLOR=#222222],and I just want to be prepared [COLOR=#222222]morethan ever[COLOR=#222222] [COLOR=#222222]forthe hospital. My technologist said that I'll have to be ready to workwith patients that are amputees, and i'll have 1 pt. For the first 3weeks and then 2 pts. For the last 3 weeks, so i'm kind of nervous. :/
  2. Hi friends, This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this right. So, I'd really just like to get to the point here. I'm in the RPN program, in my second semester. I just started clinical rotation in September at a long term care facility. The second part of my first rotation is going to be at the hospital, I'll be working on the rehabilitation unit (in-patient). I'm so very excited, I've been waiting since day one, to go to the hospital. I'm also feeling a little bit discouraged though. Reason being is because I failed the first part of rotation one, at the long term care facility. Faculty says that if I pass my clinical placement at the hospital, then I'll be able to move forward with the rest of my classmates onto rotation two. However, if I fail, then I will have to repeat rotation one (next semester). So the reason why I'm putting this out there, is because I need some help. Do any of you have experience in rehabilitation? Have you taught students in rehabilitation? I really need some advice, because I want to pass. I know that it will probably be different than the long term care facility, so any help would be greatly appreciated. -What can I expect when I go there? -How can I go above and beyond in a clinical setting like this? -What is the daily routine like, from when I get there to when I leave? (Though it might be different for each hospital, i'd just like a general idea) Thank you so much!! & Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it's a lot and kind of all over the place. Take care :)