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  1. peramos12gmail.com

    New Rehab nurse

    So by having it all written down it was easier to get it all done in time? I have thought of that and I will try it on my next shift. I work three days in a row 13 to 13 1/2 hour shifts.
  2. peramos12gmail.com

    Struggling New Graduate 😥

    My first job and I was told I need to work on my time management skills. I was taking care of 15 patients in REHAB with no med. Aid. My DON moved me to a different hall where I only have 6 so I can work on my time management skills but this hall has no cna so its all me! They seemed nice about it but I feel like a failure! The worst part is that I still didnt feel like I had free time to catch up on charting during my shift. Any suggestions on how I can improve on my time management?
  3. peramos12gmail.com

    New Rehab nurse

    I have had my lvn license a month and have been working as a rehab nurse three weeks. I have 15 patients with no med aide, so I pass all my own meds. I was told I need to work on my time management skills. I have tried grouping tasks etc. But still dont even have a minute to spare while the other nurses do with the same load. I never get a break and most days get a ten minute lunch. Does anyone have any ideas to help me with my time management??
  4. peramos12gmail.com

    Am I being insensitive? ?

    I can understand your feelings of her not having to go through all the work you have but she does have Cancer. I would just focus on learning all you can and know you will use this knowledge for your whole nursing career. She wont get a unfair advantage when she takes her nclex so if she hasnt earned her license she wont pass.
  5. peramos12gmail.com

    What's the furthest you had to travel for a clinical?

    My clinicals in a hospital was in Oklahoma and I am in texas. It was one hour and forty five min. each way.