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  1. peacelilly

    FMC transfer

    It depends on the region, my current one is horrible. But, I've worked in regions full of good people.Talk to HR also. Remember your value as an RN. A transfer is cheaper than losing an employee within the first year of employment. And a transfer looks better on the books than a resignation. Get something in writing from the doc so that they can see your truthfulness. It also lets them know that your move is not negotiable.good luck
  2. peacelilly

    Acute vs. Chronic Dialysis

    Start as a per diem so you can see how the unit functions. Are they working dawn til done or are they on split shifts? How much call is involved and how is it scheduled? You will learn a lot, but the hours can be challenging
  3. peacelilly

    Florida Nurse and Tech patient ratios

    Hi. Florida does not have mandated ratios. So, ask the clinics in the area. I suggest visiting the clinics to see for yourself.
  4. peacelilly

    Contract questions, in over my head

    As a traveler, you need a permanent residence for tax purposes. You should keep your parents address as your permanent resideñce also for licensing concerns. Is there a reason that you are providing. Your own housing? If your home state has income tax, check into their requirements for working away from home. Go with a reputable company that will take the time to answer all of your questions. Don't be afraid to refuse a contract if it doesn't feel like a good fit. What is your specialty
  5. peacelilly

    Any CM's doubling as floor RN?

    I agree with Gutter cat. To often staffing decisions are decided by numbers on a spreadsheet, not the reality of patient care unique to the unit. Having managed a 'remote, rural' unit, I can identify with your concerns. I had staff RN. As the only RN, how do you manage your time regarding direct pt care, pt education and documentation, etc. and the CM duties. How will you handle all of the unforeseen issues - staff sick day, holiday time, your personal time, etc. Even with a plan for growth in census, you know your area, how easy will it be to hire and get that person up to speed? Is an LVN an option? What is your relationship like with your regional manager? How/when will you have care plan and CQI meetings? The questions are many. . . Here's a basic question.... do you feel that in your current role as direct care nurse that you have adequate time to provide the care that you desire to give your patients 90% of the time? Like Guttercat, I have concerns about assuming so much responsibility. Good luck and let us know what you decide.