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Roy Hanson has 36 years experience and specializes in as above.

involved in psych, med surg, morgue, any field that stirs the neurons & forces you to think

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  1. Roy Hanson

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    no surprise! With management changing for the sake of the $$$$. wE SEE on this side of the border. Many supers & general management have no idea HOW to manage.
  2. Roy Hanson

    Methadone clinic job offer

    try it! for 3 to 6 months..your eyes will be opened as to drug addicts and how manipulative they can be. Be careful with what you see and discuss around your kids. A meth clinic are people 'trying' to get off higher powered drugs, which sounds like an oxymoron!
  3. Roy Hanson

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    follow your gut instinct! if it feels wrong..it is!
  4. Roy Hanson

    Taking manual bp on forearm

    no! manual BP...above the elbow, but which arm? Your a nurse? you should know your anatomy of the arm..
  5. Roy Hanson

    Nurses Week Giveaway - "ADWON: A Day Without Nurses."

    until our current Provincial Govt stops the cut backs..we nurses jobs are on teh chopping block. Our CEO spending is governed by Govt hand downs..aka $$$$$$
  6. Roy Hanson

    Being bullied at work

    find another job!
  7. Roy Hanson

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    watch your pay cheque!
  8. Roy Hanson

    Being bullied at work

    time to find another job! if no one cares, especially within ear shot of patients, and boss lady dont care..time to move on. Unfortunately this is NOT an uncommon occurance.
  9. Roy Hanson

    We'll Have A Farting Contest If You Let Me Put An IV In You.

    aka: think like a kid..or simply ask the kid what he wants. Make sure you have a change of underwear, FARTS can be messy! And enjoy.
  10. Roy Hanson

    Pregnancy and nursing school

    its doable but timing is of the essence. remember, keep yourself clean of booze & drugs, and smoking during the 9 months. Give the kid a chance because everything you take in, the kid gets.
  11. Roy Hanson

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    get used to it..it aint gonna change. The $$$ is in command. A lot of hospitals in the usa are run like donut stores chains. We see that in Michigan. Loyality to the hospital has changed. Tis the management that is asking staff to do more that it outside of nursing. Plus we are seeing a lot of Asian & Middle Eastern professions coming in who do not know how to relate to our system or staff. They stick to their own culture. Racist? Maybe. But thats the way it is becoming.
  12. Roy Hanson

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    to read the silliness of hospitals and nursing staff. The management has evolved as poor quality supervisors who have no people skills. We saw evidence of this recently in a major teaching hospital in our area. I could nto believe what I heard.
  13. Roy Hanson

    Assessing the student on drugs

    define DRUGS..Pot, you can smell! If they are on presciption drugs, you need details..side effects etc. Pot you can smell, like cigarette smoke on clothing OR breath! Has your school a policy on kids smoking..pot or cig's. If pot, tell them to go home, they WILL disrupt classes.
  14. Roy Hanson

    I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

    unless you have a private waiting room, get used to it! They are there for a reason! Help them, thats why you took the job.
  15. Roy Hanson

    Nurse Innovators Hub - Our Latest Addition

    good to read so many comments! bad & good.
  16. Roy Hanson

    I am new to nursing but I don't want to do this anymore

    why did you get into nursing in teh first place?

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