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  1. scotthudsonlpn

    How long does it take to receive RN license in NJ?

    Nothing has changed in NJ, I moved to NC last year and let my NJ license lapse. DONT EVER LET YOUR LICENSE LAPSE. I was never expecting to move back up here but hurricane Florence left us with only the clothes on our backs. The BON received my reinstatement info 4 weeks ago. Not in system, they are tired of my called twice a week. Just got off phone with them and I get told another story. They did escalate it to a supervisor and was told that will be another week before they see it. Going up there at this point would be useless since they dont have anything in their system. Im guessing another month. Ridiculous
  2. scotthudsonlpn

    Dec 2018 ny to nj rn endorsement

    no i sent my information in mid December nothing yet
  3. scotthudsonlpn

    License by endorsement HELP

    I know im late with this one but I let my license lapse , moved to NC and hurricane Florence wiped out everything we owned, so moved back. Like a fool I let my lic. lapse. Its been over a month since I mailed my paperwork in, still no answer from the board, they give me a different story everytime I call. Finally called governors office and spoke to someone and they are supposed to call me back tomorrow. Fingerprints are up to date, I have 3 unencumbered licenses in NC AZ and PA may to travel nursing until Jersey gets it act together.
  4. scotthudsonlpn

    New Jersey LPNs-Current Job Situation

    In 2010 I left New Jersey and moved to Arizona were LPNs make very good money and there are a lot of jobs in AZ. New Jersey was the same way when I left. Since returning to New Jersey, the pay rates offered has dropped since 2007-2010. There are not that many jobs, there is a lot of competition for jobs here in Jersey. Example I was interviewing at a skilled facility and there was five other LPNs waiting for the interview. Thankfully I have 8 years under my belt. I am wondering how long it is taking New Jersey LPNs to find work.
  5. scotthudsonlpn

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    I have no idea what that means. It was on my check list as well and was the second to last thing to get checked " completed". Are you waiting for your NJ license. Just curious how others are doing with the state.
  6. scotthudsonlpn

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    Here is a timeline and I hope it may help others. Keep in mind I already had finger prints completed. July 21st application overnighted August 5th application completed per state website August 13th called BON left message with person handling my application August 15th state called me and said license would be issued on the 18th August 18th received NJ nursing license
  7. scotthudsonlpn

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    Thanks NightBloomCereus
  8. scotthudsonlpn

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    I had a New Jersey nursing license , then moved to Arizona and it lapsed. Never again.. I had to move back to New Jersey and get my license reinstated. I mailed my reinstatement paperwork in mid July and as of today everything is checked complete , except for board approval. Last week when I called the very nice lady told me I should have my license reinstated in a week or so, today the very rude lady told me not to get over excited that everything is showing up checked/complete . " It could take us well into September to finish the reinstatement process." I told her everything is checked complete except board approval. What a nightmare, every time you call they give you a different story. I feel bad for everyone having to deal with them.