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  1. Raddgirl13

    Is this choice the correct one?

    Have you considered getting your MSN & becoming a Nurse Practitioner? It's very similar to a PA but it would be a faster route (2-3yrs) after your BSN. I can understand you wanting to become an LVN while pursuing med school but I think a BSN would not be the best option. A pre-med Bachelor's would require more science & math than a BSN. Why spend those years on a BSN & still have to take additional math & science for med school? I'm not understanding that part
  2. Raddgirl13

    LVN program medical history disclosure & urinalysis

    Yes I'm in the exact same situation. The LVN program starts this January and I keep going back & forth but I know it's best for me because I really need a job. I only have 2 years of Financial aid money left(been at community college on & off for 4yrs since 2003)but I am more than half way through the BSN gen ed classes. I'd rather pay for my ADN out of pocket & save the aid for the MSN which is my ultimate goal. Here in San Antonio there is an ADN-MSN degree plan at a big teaching University. There's also a LVN-BSN program but not accepting apps until 2016 I'm guessing there were some NCLEX issues. So many choices!!
  3. Raddgirl13

    LVN program medical history disclosure & urinalysis

    Thanks for responding. I'm off to take my UA now but every dollar spent on applying to this program has me wondering if I should just wait it out & go straight for my RN next summer or fall
  4. I'm getting my application ready for an LVN program here in Texas. The application asks for any medications we're taking & I've listed the 50mg of Tramadol I'm prescribed for uterine fibroids & menstrual cycle pain. I take 1-2 pills a day during my cycle which is only 1 week out of the month. I used to take high dose NSAIDS but they caused a lot swelling & my OB/GYN switched me to tramadol. Will disclosing this information impact me negatively and is this a violation of HIPAA for them to ask? The main reason I disclosed this information is because I have to take a urinalysis and I want to be forthcoming incase the tramadol shows up on the test. I guess reading through some of the posts about disclosing medical information has me thinking I should not have shared the information. Thanks in advance for any advice.