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  1. male_murse

    Public Urination! License Renew

    Thanks :)
  2. male_murse

    Public Urination! License Renew

    Ok so this year, I was charged with public urination. I was out with my friends and left the club at 1:30 am, the bouncer wouldn't let me back in the club, and I made the very poor choice of urinating by the dumpster. I was NOT DRUNK or anything, I just really had to go. Unfortunately, I was ticketed by the cop for "disorderly conduct". I was never arrested nor convicted (according to my lawyer) but I was "charged" with disorderly conduct. I saw a lawyer and the case was dismissed with a 24-hour probation which was over on oct 10. I applied for a renewal via paper application which I turned in on nov 4. I have not heard from the boards and it's getting me worried. Moreover, I also included a warrant for not paying a speeding ticket and failing to appear on court last year (paid the warrant and all my traffic tickets). I have a clean record and never been arrested. Will I get a disciplinary action or suspension for this? My lawyer is confident that I should not worry and just disclose this to the board. It's really embarrassing to even write the scenario to them. What do you guys think?
  3. male_murse

    Second attempt approaching in 8 days

    i passed with 78 Qs and my scores were alot lower. QT6 = 59% QT7 = 57%
  4. male_murse

    Took 2nd Test today NCLEX RN

    so the pearson vue still works
  5. male_murse

    Took 2nd Test today NCLEX RN

    Did quick results and I found out that I passed Thank you everyone!!!!
  6. male_murse

    Took 2nd Test today NCLEX RN

    I promised myself to write what I did after I take test 2 so here we go (pass or fail): Ok so I took my first NCLEX on July 24st and failed at ~140Q. I studied for about 3 weeks for it. Near passing in all section. I studied hurst q trainer and lacharity. I didn't do content, just questions. After I failed, I took 2 weeks off and resumed to studying (about 5 weeks of studying for the 2nd test). I studied the hurst book and videos for about 2 weeks straight (really know this book, especially the day 1 electrolyte chapter). I also borrowed my friends NCSBN because she passed already and had 2 weeks left on the account, did only the question bank and rationale at least twice. Finally I did the kaplan Q trainer 1-7 (Qt6=59% Qt=57%). Reviewed all the rationale at least twice. I also have a full time job so it was kind of hard to focus. Deleted all my social media accounts (fb, ig, and didn't play video games anymore) So today I took the NCLEX and stopped at Q 78 or 79 (I don't remember). 20 SATA, 5 DRAG and DROP, 2 PICTURE QUESTION, and 1 EXHIBIT SATA. My last question was a prioritization and I know I got the question right (thanks to Kaplan). Got home, tried the pearson vue new trick, used a credit card without balance and got the good pop up. "our records indicate that this candidate has a test scheduled already...blah blah blah" Just hope I passed this time. I felt more confident after taking the exam. I guess official result will come out tomorrow or will probably they my name on BON for my name. Thank you guys ! Don't be discouraged after failing!

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