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  1. astone2013

    ED computer systems

    I am working a contract job that is using paragon. I definitely like epic better!!!
  2. astone2013

    McKesson Paragon

    Having worked with epic, cerner and now paragon (travel RN) I have to say epic is by far the best of the three. Paragon is difficult to log into (takes forever), it is hard to find information and doesn't have enough options to click (for example: neuro checks) so you have to put info in a group note, which I am not sure is easy to find for someone to read. Also the character limit is such that you may have to put three notes in about the asme encounter to get all the information posted. The MAR is also not very user friendly in my opinion.
  3. astone2013

    Top Issues with Your EMR

    I have used epic, cerner and am now trying to learn paragon (travel nurse). And by far the one that I prefer is epic. Cerner is my least favorite. The downside to being a traveler is we don't get near the computer training that full timers get and we only get 1 day with a preceptor. I am working in CVCU with patient ratio being 3-5:1 total care. I try to ask questions but everyone is so busy with their load I don't always get the answers. I feel like the hospitals want you on the computer 99% of the time to CYA or maybe to cover theirs and that is a slight problem for me. This job wants hourly rounds documented which is tough with 5 patients and not having a CNA. As for the patients, most seem ok with it and like that we can pull up info from previous stays. Good Luck!!
  4. astone2013

    Place to stay

    So my husband is planning on retiring next year and we are talking about me doing travel nursing. We are also planning on purchasing a 5th wheel to do the traveling, so the question is does anyone know if the housing allowance goes to me or is it just lost?
  5. astone2013

    Questions regarding Travel Nursing

    I also am looking into travel nursing when my husband retires next year. There are so many different companies that it is almost overwhelming. I am thinking of using a local company here in my area, The Right Solutions, but am so unsure.