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  1. I was accepted about 2 weeks ago but still haven't received it. I was planning on calling later this week if I still haven't heard! Where is everyone planning on living ( really far in advanced I know). I was thinking maybe a few ace people can keep a eye out for something close to school! It would be nice to live with people in the program

  2. Hi guys!

    i was also planning on applying for the absn but got pretty intimidated by the info session. I felt like they were talking people out of applying if they didn't have a stellar gpa. I think they said the average accepted was a 3.9 first round last year??? I'm proud of my GPA but it's not that high....I've been debating even applying since then and have been focusing on applying to out of state programs. What others are you guys applying to?

  3. That's a awesome GPA so I really don't think you should be worried. Drexel didn't require a resume so I doubt that your health care experience will be a problem! I'm so anxious to hear back so I'm hoping its sooner rather then later. I'm from Oregon but I need a change of scenery so I'm applying to drexel, George Washington, MCPHS and quinnipac. I'm not positive which my first choice is since they're all good programs and close to the same price so it will probably depend on which ones get back to me soonest but since drexel is only 11 months it's a big plus!

    Ya the price is defiantly very high. I'm hoping to get a scholarship but will probably need to take out a loan. It will be worth it in the end though!

  4. thats great! I love that you find out so early if you were accepted to this school or not-it makes planning so much easier! Doesn't GW have a accelerated program (GW is george washington correct)?

    Does anyone know where students typically live in this area?

  5. Hi everyone!

    I am also from Portland Oregon and am finishing my B.S. in Dietetics from OSU this upcoming spring. I am really interested in moving to the DC area to mix things up a bit.

    Currently my cGPA is a 3.1 and my sGPA is 3.4....is this competitive with students who have been accepted in the past!

    Also to answer the question above the app doesn't open until Oct.15 which is when the new nCAS is released

  6. Hi all!

    I just submitted my application for Drexels ACE fall 2015 program and was curious if anyone else has applied or heard back from admissions?

    I have a 3.1 cGPA and around a 3.4 sGPA, is this considered competitive with past applicants?

    Also, how is everyone planing on paying for this-I understand it's pretty pricey and aid packages aren't close to covering it...

    Best of luck!

  7. Hi there!!

    I am currently a senior finishing my degree in nutrition dietetics. I am planning on applying to 2015/16 accelerated nursing programs. So far I have researched many programs and they all seem to have the exact same requirements. I would say my top 3 choices are Linfield, OHSU and Grand Canyon University.

    My main concern is my grades...I have a overall GPA of 3.1 (I have taken very high level science courses) and a prereq GPA of a 3.4

    Are these grades considered competitive enough to get into a accelerated program at OHSU of Linfield?

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for programs I could get in to? I am willing to look out of state!