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HolisticSN BSN, RN

ICU and ER
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HolisticSN has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU and ER.

I am a blogger, community activist and goal is to become an NP in an acute care setting.

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  1. HolisticSN

    Harris Health Residency October 2017

    Ben Taub
  2. HolisticSN

    Harris Health Residency October 2017

    I received a call and interviewed on 9/7 and was informed offers would be sent out early next week.
  3. HolisticSN

    Methodist Willowbrook Nurse Residency October 2017

    I haven't heard from either one. :-(
  4. HolisticSN

    Harris Health Residency October 2017

    Best of luck to us :-) Please let me know if you hear anything.
  5. HolisticSN

    San jacinto college central adn program spring 2016

    I applied to the program and am new to the Houston area. How is the reputation of the SON at San Jacinto?
  6. HolisticSN

    UHV second degree BSN spring 2016 program

    I am a current UH second degree nursing student preparing to graduate in December *super excited* The program accepts around 90+ that come in for orientation, at least this year they did, and by the end of the first semester the number decreases dramatically. This program is NOT for everyone and there is a high attrition rate because it is intense--2 years into 12 months! I have plenty of good suggestions so please feel free to send me a message. I was there once wondering if I would make it into the program. My stats TEAS 87 GPA 3.8 (nursing and cumulative) however they do look at your overall profile. Hope this helps! See you all for Welcome Day :-)
  7. HolisticSN

    Only in New York

    Thank you for sharing this insightful article in a well articulated manner it was a an "edge of your seat" action movie as I kept reading wanting to know more. You are a very talented writer! Cheers!
  8. HolisticSN

    Advanced second degree BSN

    Often enough in advanced second degree BSN programs the requirement is to quit your job, family and sanity. The program is not for the faint of heart nor is it for those requiring extensive instruction. You should prepare prior to entering the program by showing some initiative and studying your anatomy and physiology book, chemistry, pharmacology, and pathophysiology books. I know that you may say well I will wait until the program starts but if you do then you are at a disadvantage because with the high attrition rates of said programs it is not worth failing out. Think about it other programs will not want you because you failed out of nursing school, you invested your own money or borrowed it with no return on your investment not to mention letting yourself down. In my experience, the program I am currently in started with 96 student and now in our last semester we are at 36 students--of those half have received jeopardy letters. Ultimately, the program goes fast and by the time your know it you will walk the stage but know your learning style, join a study group, make sure to keep any comments/remarks that may be misunderstood to yourself because unfortunately that would be to your demise. Remember network with your peers, do not join "cliques" and your nursing instructors are ALWAYS right. I wish you well in your own endeavors and hope this information helps.
  9. I am less than three months away from graduating with an RN-BSN and would like to ask for advice on the best hospitals to apply. If you can provide tips on interviewing that would be very helpful.
  10. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    Thank you for the clarification t&g0913. I am however going to decline their offer so whoever was waitlisted...congrats! I have accepted an offer elsewhere. Good luck on your journey because I am sure we will all have a tough year of studying up ahead.
  11. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    Does the ABSN start in spring or summer 2015? It seems to me the staff are overwhelmed with emails that they are not thorough with their responses. I took all pre-req's plus taking currently pharmacology, nursing concepts, and pathophysiology.
  12. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    I was accepted to ABSN :-) My question is those who narrowed their choice to UT Tyler would you mind letting me know why. I would have to relocated either way from San Antonio to either Houston or Tyler.
  13. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    trudy 2017, thank you for the clarification. The email can be misleading when one applied only to the advanced track.
  14. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    "It is our pleasure to inform you of admission to the School of Nursing at UT Tyler on the Tyler Campus for Spring 2015. It is very important....Then on the next paragraph it states: to obtain your admissions packet go to....and print your entire packet for the Generic Student Admission Packet. If its for the traditional I will be declining since I was accepted at UTHSC-Houston and University of Houston Sugarland. I did send an email to Ms. Stapleton earlier this evening.
  15. HolisticSN

    UT Tyler nursing spring

    I'm confused I received a letter of acceptance but do not know if its for the advanced or generic although I applied only to the ABSN. Did you all's email have ABSN specifically on the letter?
  16. HolisticSN

    UHV 2nd Degree BSN 2015 Applicants

    Please feel free to join our group because as we start our journey we will be each others support system and our 2nd family. My hopes is that we all strive to work together to pull each other though this rigorous but doable journey!